Did You Pump?

*  This is not a sponsored post.  I just know that as a mom (that tried to breastfeed and pump)  I would have loved to have had more information out there for me....

So, without further ado... Let me tell you about the Evenflo Breast Pump:

 This liquid gold (Breast Milk)  is one of nature’s purest forms of nourishment; however, the way a mom expresses her milk during pumping could affect its purity.
To prevent contamination, moms are advised not to share or buy used pumps, and to avoid ‘open system’ pump where there is no barrier between the milk collection bottle and the pumping mechanism. In these open systems, breast milk can be exposed to the air and bacteria, and can actually backup into the tubing and pump – areas that are difficult to clean and can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and viruses. Instead, moms looking to buy a breast pump should invest in a closed-system like the high-quality, yet affordable, Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump by Evenflo. This pump features a PerfectlyPure™ closed-system design that prevents milk backup and keeps milk as pure as nature intended.

(Deluxe Version Featured Here)

Evenflo® Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
·         PerfectPosition™ offers slouch-free pumping comfort
·         AdvancedFit™ Flange System gives mom three sizes for perfect fit
·         AdvancedControl™ with 32 settings allows mom to find perfect speed and suction
·         PerfectlyPure™ closed-system design prevents milk backup and keeps milk as pure as nature intended
·         Includes educational programming, a $60 value, access to a priceless resource for success
·         Deluxe version includes: premium shoulder bag, ice packs, 4 milk storage bottles, thermal cooler, extra membranes
·         Deluxe Plus version includes the shoulder bag, ice packs, 6 milk storage bottles, thermal cooler, plus a Manual Pump adaptor
·          Available at evenflofeeding.com: SRP $99.99, Deluxe SRP $129.99, and Deluxe Plus SRP $159.99

As an added bonus, moms who purchase the new Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump will also receive free access to International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Shari Criso’s full length, online educational programs ($60 value) – “Simply Breastfeeding”™ and “Breast Pumps and Briefcases™.”  Rich with information and guidance from Criso’s 20+ years working one-on-one with breastfeeding moms, both programs address topics most relevant to nursing moms, and those planning to pump. Additional tools, such as video instructions for pump use can also be found on the newly launched Evenflo Feeding website: www.evenflofeeding.com.

Did you pump when you had a little one? 


  1. I tried it and it hurt so much that I gave up. I feel like I probably had the settings wrong or something though. I was home, not working, so it wasn't a big deal and she wouldn't take a bottle from my husband even when I wasn't in the room or the house anyhow...so there was no point. lol

  2. Yep, I did! Both my boys refused to suckle!

  3. I did! Two years for both of mine. It wasn't easy at first, but well worth it!

  4. I did pump a few times, but ditched it after awhile. Both babies and I preferred nursing the normal way.

    But it's great to have a good breastpump for when needed!


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