First Practice of the Season W/W

Broxton decided that he wanted to play Soccer... 
So, we signed him up... 
When I was growing up, all the kids did t-ball and football... soccer wasn't a typical sport...  
(Not that I know of)  
Anyways, now, it seems like soccer is "the" sport for little ones to play... 

I am fine with it, as it lets them run and be active, not to mention work together as a team.  

Here is Broxton ready for his first soccer practice.  

Of course, he had a blast... 
What made it even more awesome was that my brother surprised him and came to watch a few minutes of his second practice... When Broxton kicked the ball in the goal, he had to look over to make sure Ashton had seen it... I thought that was so super sweet!!!
Just look at this face... I love it!!!!!!!!!!

What sports are big ones for little kids where you live? 


  1. Love the smile on his face! Way to go Broxton!

    Badminton! You should see how our little kids over here play! I think Malaysians are born with a badminton racket!

  2. You got THE PERFECT PICTURE!!! High five to the little man on the goal!

  3. He looks super happy. My boys are all playing soccer too!

  4. He looks like he loves it! And hooray for USA Football! I'm on their advisory committee. Love seeing it out and about because it means people are getting the info!


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