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Broxton never ceases to amaze me...  A couple of months ago, he came home talking about wanting the "Angry Birds Telepods" so we set out to find them..  We looked at all the different stores and looked online... Come to find out, they were not available yet...
So, Mr. NOT VERY PATIENT had to learn about waiting... and waiting... and waiting... 

Then, I became the cool mom on the block, as we were sent the Telepods for review!!!
Yes, I got to hear "You are the BEST MOM EVER!!!"  over and over again... no complaints from me, so I was all smiles! 

(Approximate Retail Price: $19.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available Now)
Stack these structures to recreate iconic ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS scenes, place your Rebel Bird in the vehicle, pull back and send him launching off the ramp to defeat the evil Pig Empire with an epic crash! Each set comes with two figures – one of which is exclusive.  And, for the first time ever, you can teleport every figure into the new ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS II app using the included TELEPODS base.  Choose from ENDOR CHASE, and DEATH STAR TRENCH RUN. Each sold separately. Check for app release date and TELEPODS smart device compatibility.

(Approximate Retail Price: $5.99; Ages: 5 & up; Available Now)
The perfect way to start building your collection of Rebel Birds and Imperial Pigs! This pack features two figures which, for the first time ever, can be teleported into the new ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS II app using the included TELEPODS base.  Check for app release date and TELEPODS smart device compatibility.
 So- let me tell you... 
The package arrives and he is totally freaking out... He immediately opened it and we to playing with the "vehicle pack"  If you are unsure about what that means, is is basically angry birds in 3d... and he loves them!    (We already have several of the angry bird "toys" so he was excited about adding to his collection... but then he saw the telepods... Oh me oh my!!!  Talk about a happy boy!!!

You have these mini angry bird characters...  pretty small... like about the size of a thumbprint....  
Then, they have these clear "pedestal" type stands...   You sit the angry bird on their "pod" and then the fun begins...  There is actually a QR code on the bottom... and the pod is a magnifying glass...
So, when you sit the character on there... the pod magnifies the code and it is scanned in through the camera on your system (we have samsung tablets )  Once it is scanned in, that character is actually IN the tablet game!!!
Pretty neat and you better believe it that Broxton was pretty excited showing this off to my parents when they came to town~  (Of course, we have been back and bought more of the only $5, he has saved his money and added to his collection!

One lucky winner is going to win an Angry Birds telepod game of their own!
This is a super fast giveaway, so make sure you are checking your email, as you only have 24 hours to respond!  


  1. I have not seen the Angry Birds Telepod game yet, but my kids do play Angry Birds Star Wars.

  2. I have not seen this.

  3. I would give this to my kids as a reward for working hard at their school work. :)

  4. I haven't seen this yet but sounds really fun

  5. This would be for my 6 year old son!

  6. I have seen the commercials for it - looks pretty cool.

  7. I would probably save this for a christmas gift

  8. I have only seen this online. I have not seen it in the stores.

  9. My nephew has a birthday in 2 weeks. He would flip over this.

  10. I have not, but it looks fun for little boys.

  11. One of Mica's friends loves Angry Birds. He bought Mica a great gift for his birthday. I thought of him. His birthday is in February.

  12. My son told me about these, but I hadn't heard of them before he did, and I still haven't seen one in a store. Funny how the kids know before we do, isn't it? :)


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