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Adding to my collection of books to do a Christmas Countdown with Broxton, we now have Bully Bean.  We have read a few of the Lima Bear books in the past, so I know Broxton is going to love seeing his old friend, Lima Bear!  

I really like reading books that talk about bullying. We talk to Broxton about telling us if there is a situation about bullying ...   If it happens to him, tell someone... if he sees it happening to a friend, stand up for them... and we also talk about him being a good boy and not being a bully to others.
I was happy that Bully Bean was sent to us.
This is a book about a Big Bear that is nicknamed "Bully Bean."
He is mean to everyone and all the other bears are just so very scared of him.
One day, Bully Bear is bullying Lima Bear and he gets stuck under a big rock, too big for him to move by himself.  Lima Bear left him, but he left him to go and get him help.  Lima Bear returns with all of the bears (that were terrified of him) and they worked together to free him.  Bully Bear could not understand why they helped him, since he was so mean to them... But they had to help him, since he was a bear!
This was a great story about not bullying, as you never know who you might need to help you.. 
But it was also a great story telling you that even if you are bullied, you should still help out if you can. 

I loved the story (and illustrations)  but I really loved that the end of the book had an "extended learning" section.  We will for sure be looking at that when we open this for our Christmas Countdown.  


  1. I like that the message on anti-bullying is becoming common. That's way overdue. :)

  2. I should get this book for my co-worker. He makes fun of people that have a different belief system than him. I could leave it on his desk. In all seriousness it is a great book.


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