Pull. Press. Wrap. Wraptastic

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I used to laugh at infomercials...  
Until I had Broxton... 
Now, he thinks that he just HAS to have every single thing he sees on the TV... and you know, he gets it from me... I know it... as I am the same way... 
As soon as an infomercial comes on, I zone in and I know that I just need to have it... Because honestly, it would make my life so much better by having it... I just know it... 

I have bought a few things that were total jokes, but I have bought a few that were pretty nifty too!  
I have also reviewed a couple that make life easier (I still swear by my meatloaf pan!)  
We were sent the Wraptastic for review and at first, I thought it was going to be another gimmick.  If you think about it, saran wrap and reynolds foil come with the cutting edge on the box... Right?
Well -  Let me tell you...  I have a hard time with the plastic wrap... It never cuts right, it bunches up..  
You name it, issues... 
Once the wraptastic arrived, I immediately put the plastic wrap in to try it out... 
Then, you just press down on the top... and a perfect cut!  
This has been a great addition to our kitchen!  
I can proudly say that if you are like me and have issues against the cutting side on your plastic wrap...
You need to look into wraptastic.  You can use it for any of the wraps like that... (and it even has a clear window area on top for you to see what is inside, unless you want to label it! )


  1. I like that you reviewed it and it really does cut. I know I wouldn't buy something like this without a good review of it from someone who used it first. Now it's a real consideration!!

    1. Now that I think about it, it is sort of like one of those 3 hole punches... that would be the easiest way to explain it... you just press... and wah-lah... it is cut.


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