Travelling With a Baby? You Need @Steribottle

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When Broxton was born, it was hard for us at times... 
I tried breast feeding and it did not work for us...  so, we had bottles out the wazoo!  
You know hotels don't have stoves (to sterilize the bottles)  and when we were travelling to see Marc (before he deployed) there were many nights in a hotel... What did I do?
I took a TON of bottles with me and was lucky if they had a microwave, I could use my sanitizer... 
But, that meant even MORE stuff to carry and that was hard to do... 
You know, solo... plus a newborn!!!

Of course, now that Broxton is way beyond bottle years, I learn of Steri-bottle.
Steri-bottle is a single use bottle that is sterilized and ready to go!!!
The packaging has your bottles and the nipples...  each in a sleeve and sanitized, sealed.. ready to be used!  Also, they are distributed under the Tommee Tippee license, so you know I love that!!!
I think this would be a great gift for a new mom... 
It doesn't even matter if they are travelling or not, this would be great when they just don't have the time or energy to sterilize a bottle... they could just grab one of these and go!!!
I saw online that one person stated it was great to have on hand in case they had company and the guest needed a bottle.  (Love that idea, even though I did not think about that before!)

If you have little ones in the family... 
I think these would be pretty good to have... 
(Or you could wrap these up with plane tickets if you wanted to gift someone with a trip!)
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  1. Perfect for when you leave the little one w/a family member or sitter to go out!

  2. Since Marc was deployed and I was a new mom... I was TERRIFIED to go anywhere without Broxton... so worried something would happen... so, I did not even think about that... great idea!

  3. I'll have to tell my sister about this one. She'll need some new bottles when this new baby is born.


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