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A  bit ago, we were sent a great selection of wonderful goodies from Gourmet Basics.  
I was excited to try them out, as we are always looking for great alternatives of snacks and lunch options for Broxton, the thing is... when they arrived... he wanted NOTHING to do with them!!!
We were sent all of the flavors and I wanted to try the Honey Mustard and Onion flavor first, as I am a HUGE fan of Honey Mustard!!!    We then tried the Sea Salt and Broxton was HOOKED!!  Since then, with each new flavor I have introduced, Broxton has enjoyed them as a nice after school snack.
It makes me happy that he is eating "Smart Fries" versus a more unhealthy option...   and he is actually a fan of all of the flavors now!!!
We had the boys here and they tried out several of the flavors as well...  they ate them, but were not requesting more... Meaning, they would eat them if they did not have an option... but they would have preferred something else...
Bottom line is this - I would buy the smaller sizes and try each flavor before stocking up on them all. You might be surprised with which flavor ends up being your favorite!!!

About Gourmet Basics:
We produce naturally delicious healthy gourmet snack foods. Our innovative snack products are "Better-For-You" than most other snacks out there. Our snacks are made with Low-Fat All-Natural ingredients of the highest quality. We are passionate snack enthusiasts, perpetually creating distinctive flavor rich snack products, using only superior ingredients.
You can follow Gourmet Basics on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


  1. Those do look good! I've never had that brand, but it looks like something we would enjoy.

  2. I've been trying to eat healthier so far this year, so anything that is lower in fat and has all natural ingredients, I'd love to try!

  3. I think I'd like the Jalepeno. I'd like to see a salt & vinegar one too. Mmm hmm. :)

  4. I've never seen these before, I'd love for my husband to have a healthier snack though!


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