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Having a 4 year old little boy an almost 5 year old big kid...
We are getting into the Lego Phase of life... Boy, I thought Army men hurt when you step on them, lego walking is a whole new experience.  *All you parents out there know what I am talking about.

Anyways - getting into the Lego Phase has also brought about a new "want" in our lives...
Broxton has heard of "LegoLand" and he really wants to go...  Seeing as though we are not in a state that has LegoLand, we had to steer him in the direction of "LegoLand Discovery Center" here in Atlanta.
We went once and he had a BLAST... We were there for HOURS and he was in heaven playing with everything there...  I then asked if I could go and review LegoLand Discovery Center to tell you all about it.

We went last weekend (it was Star Wars Weekend)  and invited a couple friends to come along with us.  

Broxton and Keegan at the entrance of LegoLand Discovery Center
 As soon as we got there, they had a Lego Batman out front waiting to greet everyone.  I am not 100% certain, but I would guess it is in anticipation of Lego the Movie coming out February 7th. (*Yes, we have the date memorized, as Broxton is DETERMINED to see it ASAP.)

If you have never been to LDC (LegoLand Discovery Center) let me tell you a bit about it.
First of all, it is NOTHING like Legoland, so don't go thinking that at all...
Now, to tell you all about it..
When you first get there, you get to go to the LDC lab.  In there, you learn how Lego's are made.  They have you do different things (you have to go to learn!)  and then as you finish that area, each child gets a souvenir Lego brick to take home.
After the "lab" you get to head to the first ride they have...    The first ride has you ride and shoot targets, trying to save the princess.  Broxton loved this one... and when it is over, they have where you can purchase a picture of you on the ride, if you like...

Broxton trying to make the match in the Lego Lab.
 The neat part for us is that they have a miniland.  In our miniland, it is an honest to goodness mini-Atlanta.  It was SO COOL to me... Marc and I loved it the time we took Broxton.  They have all the iconic area's of Atlanta... The Fox Theater (showing the play "Bricked")  they also have the Falcons... the Braves...  The Varsity and so much more.  Another awesome feature?
They have it set on a timer.. where it goes from day to night...  You have to see it to totally understand it and appreciate all the hard work and precision put into this.
As I said, we went during "Star Wars Days" and it was awesome to see how they had Star Wars items throughout the miniland exhibit.  This is one of the many scenes throughout. 
Obviously, we are in "lego heaven" so there are plenty of activities going on...
Broxton headed to the Earth Quake area and they had a great time there for a bit...
Here, you can try and stack them high and then turn the level up to see if you made your creation sturdy enough to survive the shaking...   Or, you can just play and have fun like the three of them were!!!

Playing in the Earth Quake area.
The first time we went, we were surprised that they have 4D movies there...
They show a new movie every 15 minutes...   Well, the day we were there, we somehow saw the same movie both times... No clue... Well, this time around, we were able to see 3 of the 4 movies they offer!!!
The movies are only 15 minutes long (and are included in your entrance fee.)

Broxton loved climbing up here and yelling "Tickets Please!"  over and over again.
(Not to worry, other kids did it too!)
I just love seeing that face!!!  He loved the movies and I loved seeing his interaction throughout the movie!!!

LegoLand Discovery Center was a great time for us...
Not pictured .... but they also include another ride and an indoor play area.  The indoor play area is for a certain height, but if you have a little one, they also offer a "Duplo Zone" where the smaller kids can play.  
They also have a Racer area where you build lego cars... and then there are two areas.  One is where you race your creations... and the other is a hill where you can let them speed down!!!
Finally -- and Broxton's favorite ----  They have a Master Builders area.
This is a room off to the side.  Each day, they have a master builder there and they have a mini class where they teach them how to build something.
Broxton stayed in there for a good amount of time (the first time we went) and loved it.  

If you are in or near Atlanta and have a Lego fan, I would totally recommend going...
If you are planning a vacation or something and will be near Atlanta, I would try and squeeze in time to go.    The times we have been, Broxton has really enjoyed himself.  I love that he is having fun and being creative.   I will tell you this, we went Saturday and Sunday --  Sunday was much more slower paced than Saturday....  Also, if you buy your tickets ONLINE you can save more money than if you purchase walk-up tickets.  

**** If you are a Star Wars Fan, make sure you visit my blog next week... I will be posting the pictures from LDC Star Wars days then!!!****

Have you ever been to LegoLand Discovery Center?  


  1. This place looks amazing! My daughter has been waiting for my grandsons to get a little bit older so they can really enjoy everything about this place!

  2. LDC looks like a lot of fun. I had woderd what activities they have and now I know!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  3. Those places are such fun! Glad you got to go!!

  4. I bet he had a blast! My kids loved the one in Kansas City! We don't have one in Omaha. Kansas City is 2 1/2 hours away. I was a blast though.

  5. Wow what a fun sounding place.


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