Best of Both Worlds - Mobile Apps to go with Disney Books

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As we all know, technology is taking over the world.  I think I am going to be one of the last few holding on to my paperback book... but, I do like technology as well!  When we opened the mail and found a few  new books for Broxton, I was excited to see that they were not only hard copy books.... Each purchase included a Mobile App!!!   That was so great to me - covering both bases!!!!

Minnie's BowToons - Trouble Times Two is actually offered in a couple different formats.  You can purchase it as an ebook, as a sticker book (like the picture) or with the mobile app.  In the app, you get to design bows with Minnie!!!   This was a cute book to us, Broxton loved it too... Maybe because of Minnie's nieces coming in and causing trouble and chaos!!!  

Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Follow that Sound was the other book we were sent.  It also comes in a couple different formats.  It comes as an ebook, a sticker book or with the app - in this app, you get to do shape puzzles!  Follow that Sound introduces us to a cute little Monkey that gets a harmonica that was originally the gangs and they go on an adventure to get it back!!!

We loved all of these books and I have loved having books throughout the house.  It gives Broxton plenty of opportunities to always have a book in his hands!!!


  1. This is just another way to ensure that your three or four year old child is more tech savvy than you are. Is there anything more humiliating than asking your young children for help on your computer.

  2. It is a great sight to see little ones running around with books. :) Having an app is a great feature too, to go w/the book, considering the kids are all so tech savvy. :)


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