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Having a kid in sports, you know you will have "snack duty" at some point or another if they are on any teams... It is always hard for me, as kids can be really honest in their likes and dislikes!  Not only that, but as a parent, you want to make sure that you are not just loading them full of sugary snacks.  
Since Broxton was on baseball this year, I wanted to make sure to do something fun for the kids... I had a bunch of different trinkets through my blogging over the years and then it hit me... Why not see about working together with Pirate Booty again??   I was so happy when I got the email saying we would be working again... I knew Broxton enjoyed the yummy puffed corn baked with flavor, and I loved that it wasn't a fried option that would leave greasy tummies!  
As I mentioned, I made them little bags that contained their juice, their pirate booty and then a couple odds and ends trinkets...   The kids were dying to see what was in the bags and when I said "Pirate Booty" they all busted out laughing saying that I was not supposed to say that word!  Ha!!! We ended up having a discussion about "booty" from Pirates meant their treasure!   The kids went home with their treats and that was that...

(That meant more snack times and I knew I had extra Pirates Booty!)  I loaded up a bag and took it back to the field to see if any kids wanted them...    I wasn't on "snack duty" but just sat the bag to the side and told the kids they could grab a bag if they wanted them...

Then, my heart smiled so big!  The kids were THRILLED about the Pirates Booty and the parents were all having to ask "Where can you find this?!  The kids LOVE IT!"   I was able to tell them that for us, it was to be found at Publix... If you need to know where you can grab some...  Just click their store locator to find out.   The fact that the kids were thrilled?  That means they REALLY liked it - (Think Sally Fields when she said "YOU LIKE ME!" That sort of excitement!)

The best part?  Kids (and adults) of all ages have been seen munching on these and we all love them!  If you have any kids events where you might need to bring snacks, keep Pirate Booty in mind...  Also - this would be great for picnics, road trips, pool parties and more!
This summer when you are out and about, keep Pirates Booty near!!!!


  1. My kids love that snack. Whenever they see it in the grocery store they want some.

  2. Great ideas! We always buy pretzels for road trips because they're not greasy. This sounds like a good alternative.

  3. I've heard of these before and have been curious to try them. I like the pirate theme.


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