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You know you have a pretty good book on your hands when you leave it laying around and you spot your husband pick it up a few times to look at it ... and he NEVER picks up a book... EVER.   Well, that was just the case with Football Then to Wow from Sports Illustrated Kids! 
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When I saw the title of this book, I figured it would make a welcome addition in our house of football fans!  Let's be honest here... with the boys coming up at Christmas, I knew I was going to need to find a bit of new "reading material" for their bathroom visits... Maybe a bit TMI for you - but just being honest!!!  
In Football Then to Wow, we get a great look at history... and I have really enjoyed this hard covered book.  (I believe it is so much more than a bathroom book that I mentioned before, it would be a great book to give a kid starting football... or to give as a gift to a new dad that loves football and will want to share the love with his kid as they grow up...  The reasons behind the gift giving on this are endless....)
So, we open the book to start with THEN - Johnny Unitas, 1958 and move to the NOW - Peyton Manning, 2014.  
The contents of the book shows us that we will be able to read about :
The Basics
The Players
The Strategy 
The Fan Experience

The basics was pretty exciting for me... You get to learn about the changing of the rules of the game, starting in 1876 when the first rules were written until The Tuck rule of 2013 was eliminated... great information right there!  From the balls they use to the uniforms they wear, this is page after page of information sure to excite the fans of all ages.
With the players, we learn of some of the greatest players and the different positions they hold..  another important part of teaching the game!  
The strategy is where I get lost...   We learn of the different coaching styles through the years and start to learn the systems they use when setting up different plays!
Finally, we end with the fan experience... This section allows us to see just how much media now plays into the ultimate experience... from television to magazines, game day reports to sideline reporters... and who can forget all the gaming systems out there??   (Yep, you know they even had to talk about fantasy football too!)

I think this is a pretty cool book and since Broxton is getting older and seems more eager to learn about football, I think it is a good addition to our library!  The ONLY thing I did not like?  It did not touch on College Football.  Being that I am a college fan more than NFL, that was a negative for me... But, I do realize that NFL fans are all over the place and college isn't as big in other area's.  Hopefully they will come out with a college book next?  


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