Looking at the Past - Grandma, Aren't You Glad... the World's Finally in Color Today!

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I love looking at how much things have changed through the years... back when I worked in the restaurant, we had a couple that came in...  Both close to 100 and I loved chatting with them about how much things had changed since they were kids... It was a great way to get a different perspective and a great way to bond with the older generation.  
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The latest book for us?  Grandma, Aren't You Glad ... the World's Finally in Color Today! I will admit, I wasn't really eager to read it, as the title just did not really grab me.. But I am glad that I did!  This was a cute book that I am so excited that we have, as its a fun way to explain to Broxton how things used to be.. 
In this book, a couple kids climb up and get an old book -- that is actually an old family photo album. Their grandma comes in and goes through the pages, telling them how life used to be (with black and white photos on the page to display what she is talking about) and then on the opposite page, we have color photos that are talking about how things are today!  Going across the top of the book is a timeline of events that happened through the years - starting with 1902 when Carrier invented the first air conditioner and  ending in 2011 with artwork being sold making it the highest price ever sold for a work of art.  

I think that this is not only a great way to show kids how things used to be... but it is also a way for them to document how things were when they were kids.. and they can then share it with their kids down the road, just to show how things are always changing!   We really enjoyed the book and I am glad that we did read it!  The rhyming, sing-song of it all makes for a great read!  


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