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If you are looking for a great book to have around for bedtime (really any time, but I was thinking bed time for the title)  you really need to check out 5 Minute Minnie Tales,  This book is a hard covered (padded) book that includes several great short stories featuring our lovable Minnie Mouse!  I say it is a great bedtime book, because in our house "1 story" before bed turns into "JUST ONE MORE" and this would be a great way to help.  Let them pick 2 stories and that is 10 minutes of reading!  Great to get a couple stories in, but know that it won't last all night long.  

I love that although this is "MINNIE" tales, it really covers all of the gang, so it is a great book for all Disney fans!  Yes, Minnie is the main character, but she shares each story with the rest of her friends that we all love.  In reading all of these, I think my favorite one was Minnie's Hiccup Trick!  Let me know which is your favorite! 

The Chapters include:
Minnie's Scavenger Hunt
Minnie's Summer Day
The Missing Daffodils
Minnie and the Pet Show
Minnie's Hiccup Trick
A Surprise for Pluto
Scaredy-Cat Sleepover
A Nice Day for a Sail
The Bravest Dog
Minnie and the Dude Ranch
A Perfect Picnic
Minnie's Missing Recipe

With reading time (aka bonding) seeming to be a thing of the past in most families, this is a great way to get a little one on one time before bed and allow for a bedtime tradition of snuggles and reading!  If we all encourage reading when they are younger, it will (hopefully) help them love it when they are older!  


  1. That is nice that you can count on the time being 5 minutes. I always laughed when the kids would pick the longest books on the nights I wanted short ones. lol

  2. Oh, the girls would love this! My girls, like Liz's kiddos think it's hilarious to pick a long book! We actually have a similar one to this one with princesses!

  3. We've read together each night (even on vacation) with all four kids. The oldest now reads to his daughter too, and I just love to see it. Your book sounds cute... in fact, I bet it's one my granddaughter would love. :)


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