What if Santa's Suit was Purple, Not Red? @dksimoneau #MakingMyList

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Last year, I started the new tradition of doing a book countdown with Broxton.  I mix it up with new books and old books, as well as books that are "Christmas" theme and then other books as well.  This year, we have a new book to add to our collection.  We were sent the book, Santa's Zany, Wack, Just Not Right Night Before Christmas and as soon as he spotted the book he asked for me to read it to him.   

Santa's Zany,Wacky, Just Not Right Night Before Christmas is a great book!  It was cute, since it shows Santa having to go and do his own laundry!  It was funny... The power is out and he has to do his laundry before he goes to deliver the gifts... The only problem is that he can't see and he makes the mistake of using PURPLE PAINT instead of Laundry Soap!  That is the start of the problem.  Everything ends up going crazy!  The elves are tall, the tree's are planted upside down... that is just SOME of the crazy things that happen that night! Talk about Zany and Wacky!  Read the book and see if you catch yourself giggling like we did!  Just make sure to check out all of the illustrations too, they are so cute and really show just how " not right" the night before Christmas was!!!!  


  1. That is a funny concept for a story!! I'm looking for this one.

  2. That sounds like a funny book. Christmas tales are good to have around. We try and read 1 a night.


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