Well, what would you call it?

Broxton cracks me up. 
He gets pretty literal when he calls things names. 
We passed by a Loves gas station and he told me we needed to stop so he could go into "Hearts" to see what all they had for sale. 

What are some funny names your kid(s) have called things?


  1. I remember seeing those gas stations!

    That is too cute! I love kids!

  2. When I was a child I honestly thought Pizza hut was called Pizza Hot and was apparently very upset when I learned it was not. It's not all that different but kind of amusing

  3. I love it! My boys used to do this more. Now that cuteness is starting to fade. :( Isaak used to call "P.E." "E.P." I kept wanting to say, "You have E.P. phone home today."

  4. That is funny. My son used to call Meijer the 'red roof' store. :)


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