1,000 Facts About the Bible

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When you have a 6 year old, you get plenty of questions.  Crazy questions that make you ask where it even came from to questions where you have to look up the answer to know for yourself.  The great thing about asking questions is the fact that you are learning when you get the answer (and you are also learning where their mind is when they are asking all these questions.) 
We attend a great church that teaches Broxton things in the Bible, but that doesn't mean he knows it all.  Let's be honest, I know I don't know all that the Bible teaches, so how could he?  I was happy to see that National Geographic has released a book that is perfect for his inquisitive mind.  It is called 1,000 Facts About the Bible and I love how the pages are laid out!  Each 2 page spread is full of information!!! 
Some pages are with maps, photos or illustrations.
Some things you will know, some things took me by surprise.  From learning facts about Angels to Noah's Ark, Water and Dessert... You are sure to turn each page to learn more!  At least that is how much we enjoyed it! 
Some pages are just the facts, nothing but the facts. 
We have really enjoyed how kid friendly and full of information this book has been.  I know it is one that Broxton will be happy to share with his baby sister when she gets here and has questions on her own!  Do you have a Bible Fact book like this at home?  I highly recommend you getting one! 
A few facts before you go:
According to Deuteronomy, males 20 years and older could be made to join the army. Men married less than a year did not have to join.
Called " the most magnificent building ever erected on earth," King Nebuchadnezzars  Hanging Gardens of Babylon had five courtyards and terraces that held one of every plant and tree in his empire. 
The end of the book features a glossary, annotations and even an Index!
Make sure you check it out. 


  1. My nephews would like this. It looks fun.

  2. I like National Geographic books. I think they did a great job with this one too.


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