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When we lived in our apartment, I knew that we would not paint or do anything permanent to the walls, so I was happy to learn about Wall Pops.  I enjoyed the ease of peeling the art off and sticking it on the wall (not to worry if you messed up, just peel and re-stick where you want it go.)  When we bought our house, I knew that I was going to want to have something like that again. (Yes, we brought the original with us, but I needed one for another room.  Having a son with a very social life gets to needing organization!)

We were sent the Globe Trotter Organization Decal Kit and I fell in love.  We don't travel nearly as much as I would love to ... lets be honest here, it is so much easier to travel when you are single and you can just plan a trip and go versus when you are married and have kids and have to work around so many schedules and a tighter budget!   So, when the globe trotter kit showed up, I knew I would be happy at least dreaming of fun locations to travel to in my mind!!!  
The Globe Trotter Organization Decal Kit comes with so much to help you be organized! 
There is a corkboard, a memo board, a monthly calendar and a weekly calendar.  Being that they are dry erase, it can keep up with the hectic schedules of everyone in the family! 
(I would show you ours, but honestly, I don't want everyone to know our schedule for the month, as much as I love you all, that is a bit too personal!) 

With Savannah making her arrival this summer, I have decided to go with an OWL theme. I know good and well that I will not be painting anything in her room...  Tastes change and I am not going to repaint every so often, but with Wall Art from Wall Pops, it is affordable (both monetarily and time wise) to just change it up with the mood / season! 
I found the
Hoot and Hangout  Tree Kit and fell in love!!!  Tell me, don't you agree it would be adorable in her nursery??  Friends keep asking what theme I have and how I am decorating, I keep answering with " Owl theme and we have 1 picture to hang up." If I got this, I am sure to impress them when they come to visit! 
So, what do you think of
Peel and Stick?  I think it is a great idea and so easy to add so much to a room.  This would also be awesome for kids going off to college, as so many dorms don't want you painting or hanging things up. 


  1. I had a tree one for Isaak's room. It was so cute! He kept peeling at it. The first time was fine. I just put it back up. Since he kept doing it over and over again when I wasn't in the room it wouldn't stick anymore (punk). I liked that tree!

  2. I like these because they're easy to move and not messy. Hubby's got a mural painted on our son's wall and I think it's going to be awfully hard to paint over it when it's time to move.


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