Check out #LegoAmericana at Northpoint Mall

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This past weekend, we were invited for a guided tour of the #LegoAmericana at North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Georgia.  When I received the email invitation, I knew it was something that Broxton would love and to be totally honest, I was excited to check it out myself.  Broxton and I checked out the photos online so that we knew what what displays they would have and I knew the one I wanted to see the most was The Liberty Bell!  
We arrived at North Point and were ready for the tour.  The people in charge have placed 10 huge displays throughout the lower level of the mall.  They are in three different groups, so that you have plenty of room to check it out. 

The Lincoln Memorial was pretty impressive, then you got up close and saw that they actually had Ol' Honest Abe inside the building, just like in D.C.  Broxton about flipped when he saw that and I was shocked at just how much detail they put into these works of art.  
Beside each model is a placard giving information about the Lego Model, as well as the monument it is replicating.  Check out the one above for the Supreme Court Building...   450 hours and THREE Lego Master Builders to build that one display!!!!!

The Washington Monument is the tallest out of all of the exhibits (I believe that was what they said, it was hard to hear everything with an excited 6 year old.)  The other tall model was the Statue of Liberty and I wish I had been around the corner to get a picture of Broxton's expression when he saw it.  Literally, frozen in his tracks - mouth dropped open and eyes bugging out of his head!  Priceless!!!

It was funny, I guess we need to work more on history, as he was so excited to get his picture taken with the White House, until he saw it and was like, NO... I meant that one- and pointed over at the Capital Building.  (We got photos in front of both, so no worries...)  Side note, if you go - make sure to take a guess as to how many bricks it took to build The Capital.  They are having a drawing for the person that comes closest to the correct number and giving away a gift card to the mall for the winner!  
Lego Americana is going on until Sunday, October 4th. If you can, try and go the weekend of September 26 and 27th.  They will be giving away a select number of mini white house builds ( from 12-4 pm.)  Also, while there, make sure to grab a map and do the scavenger hunt answering questions about the monuments / models.  Once you are finished, take it to the Lego Store and you can get a poster! Not only do they have these great displays for you to see, they also have a section that is sort of off to the side that has plenty of bricks for the children to play with and even ramps for them to race their finished racecars!   One more thing...    don't just check out the HUGE displays downstairs, they also have around 10 other smaller displays behind plexi-glass on the upper level!   We had a great time checking it out, so let me know if you go!  Make sure to take your camera or have your phone charged, you will want to get photos of this!  
Here is the information about the exhibit:

North Point Mall will host THE LEGO® Americana Roadshow, a highly visual, educational and FREE traveling installation of larger than life LEGO replicas of some of our nation’s most beloved landmarks.
Ten one-of-a-kind, large scale models of American Landmarks made completely out of LEGO bricks by LEGO Master Builders – including the U.S. Capitol Building, White House, Supreme Court, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and Old North Church – take over North Point Mall and entertain customers with stunning visuals.
North Point Mall
      1000 North Point Circle
Saturday, September 19 through Sunday, October 4
Monday-Saturday             10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
     Sunday                        12 p.m. – 7 p.m.

·        LEGO Brick Play Area: 
Children of all ages can build whatever their imaginations dream up
·        Virtual Interactivity: 
Download the LEGO Connect app and watch time-lapse video of the building process for a handful of the LEGO landmarks right in the mall
·        LEGO Model Make & Take: 
Attendees build their own White House model
     Upper level of the West Court


  1. How neat! I know 2 other little boys that would love this!

  2. Pretty sure, like Alissa, that I know someone who would love this too. ;) Cool pics, Noelle!

  3. Ooh that is an awesome place!
    My kids would go crazy to go!
    I love your photos!


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