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As soon as it gets close to back to school time, I immediately start trying to think of ways to make Broxton's lunch exciting.  One main problem we have?  He gets too excited at lunch and wants to talk more than eat.  He has let me know that sandwiches don't taste that great at school, but he loves them at home.  I try and mix it up so that he doesn't get bored with what I pack, but I will be honest, I try to stay away from sweets and what not. He tried to get me to pack him pieces of cake or cupcakes once Savannah was born and we had people spoiling us bringing treats all the time. Well, he was excited when he was surprised with a Hershey's Smores Pudding Cup in his lunch recently!   Have you tried them yet????
Can you see the Hershey's Pudding?  I had a hard time finding it because to be honest with you, I thought it would be with the other puddings and gelatin products.   You know, in the middle of the store where they have the dry pudding mixes?  Yeah, it is not there!   It was in the refrigerated section.  Ready made for me to enjoy as soon as I got home and you better believe it, I did enjoy this treat from childhood!  I am a huge pudding fan and I guess I forgot just how tasty it is! So yeah, it was in the cold section, can you spot it?? 
My store.

Another store with signage to grab your attention. (Photo credit, Angela)

In our store, they had the Hershey's Pudding Cups at the very top.  Since I was looking for it, I spotted it, so make sure you actually look and not just scan the shelf.  Our pudding was only $2.48 for 4 cups, so I grabbed a couple of each to let us really try it out!   Now, to get home and get to taste testing!   
As I got to the checkout, the cashier started talking about how they looked so good and she wanted to try them.  I admitted that we had not tried them out, but come on, Hershey's + Pudding???  It has to be heavenly!   (Guess I should have told her that the magazine, ALL YOU September / October issue has a coupon for $0.55 off.  )
 Artistic abilities were not given to me, so we have to make the best of the situation.  When Broxton came home from school, I had him a great after school snack!   Since it was the SMORES Pudding I was surprising him with, I gave him a side cup of little graham cracker cookies to enjoy with the pudding, if he wanted.  ( Bonus points for finding Star Wars shaped ones! )  As you can see, I had a smile drawn on there for him... and he quickly realized he could scoop up a little of the pudding on the cookie and make it into a smores sandwich!    
I have also decided that a great way to sneak my little notes in his lunch is to put them on the pudding cups at times.  I normally just write a little note on a napkin or a piece of paper for him, to find it on the pudding cup was a special treat for him that day!  

I have decided to try and mix things up around here... 
Since he has spelling words he has to learn each week, we will be doing a spelling word puzzle type with the pudding cups for one day of after school treats.  How does that work??
Get a pudding cup (at least one for the student, feel free to grab one for yourself too!)
Get the weeks spelling words list.

Locate a permanent marker of any color.
Make grids on the cup and write the words in each grid.  (or do it like I did  and write the words and then sort of make a circle around each word)
They have to read each word out to you and then they can spoon out and eat the pudding in that one section.  

One final thing I thought of was to surprise him with a silly face on them in the refrigerator some days for his treat.  I made this face and to be honest, each time I open the door, I get a smile on my face as well.  I think this will be fun for him, as he never knows what snack he is having each day.  If he opens and sees this, he knows what it will be!!!

Tell me, what fun and creative things can you do with your Hershey's Pudding cups?  I am going to see if daddy can draw a Darth Vader mask on one for him one day! You can check out Kraft.com for ideas on toppings and other craft ideas!  Stop over and let me know which one was your favorite.  Also, feel free to follow Kraft Foods on Facebook and / or Twitter

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  1. That's perfect for an after school snack! It looks good to me - not just for the boys. ;)


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