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If you know my husband, you know his favorite holiday is Halloween.  As long as I have known him, that has been the ultimate for him.  He gets so excited when he is able to be off of work to take Broxton trick or treating and I know Broxton enjoys that time with his daddy.  This year, Broxton started early on what he wanted to be.  Thanks to Costume Supercenter, we had a great time looking at all the costumes that were available.  He had many choices, but not all were things that I thought was age appropriate, so it took a bit longer than we had planned.  
We looked at things that we thought would be cute for him to go for Halloween, not only trick or treating in the neighborhood, but also at the local church function and any other events that might be interesting to us.  I also wanted something that he could use for play time / dress up if he decided that was what he wanted to do.  As soon as the Ghostbusters Costume arrived, I knew we had made a great choice!   

There's something strange in the neighborhood, who YOU gonna call?
Ghostbusters!!!!  We had a great time playing in this already.  We went outside and took turns hiding and being the ghost.  At one point, he said.. okay mom, you're the buster, I am the ghost!   I could not stop laughing, but that was what we did.  Making memories, I tell you!  Good times!  

We looked at all of the Movie Halloween Costumes and ordered his costume.  As soon as it arrived, he had to try it on to show it off.  Lucky for him, my parents were in town, so he had an audience to check it out.  The outfit was a bit long (on the legs and the arms) but it fit elsewhere, so we were very happy.  Works for us for him to possibly grow into it as well.  The costume comes with an inflatable backpack and proton pack (aka weapon.)  Of course he was super happy with that, as many costumes make you have to order the additional things for a fee.  As I said, he was so excited with this choice and I can not wait to see him on Halloween.
Do you dress up for Halloween as a family, just the children or not at all? (My brother and his family normally try and do it together, we just dress up Broxton.)  What are your Halloween Costume plans this year?  


  1. I love this! I've been trying to get my kids to be Ghost Busters. Nope they wouldn't! I think it looks so fun! Broxton looks great!

    I'm not into Halloween at all for me this year. I'm just sick and tired of the sexy or stupid costumes for girls. Then if you want to be something good, it's super expensive. I'll be something, but I'm not putting in the effort that I normally do. Unless I think of something fast and vow to be it.

  2. That is a cool costume. I love the accessory! My kids like Halloween. 😊

  3. I love it! This is so cute! I love Halloween and dressing up. I also like to see everyone else's costumes.

  4. I love that Ghostbusters is making a comeback. This is an adorable costume!


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