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Having a little girl now means that I get to look at all the cute little girl clothes!!!  Soon enough she will have a mind of her own and her own style, but until then, I can have fun dressing her up.  I have never been much for dressing up, makeup or any of the "girly" things, but I have had a blast buying dresses for her and having her wear pinks and reds and other cute colored clothes!  We were lucky to have been given a good amount of hand me downs when she was born, but it is still nice to pick out and dress her up too.  (Not to mention the clothes we have don't really match size and season right now!)
I was recently given the chance to check out the clothing line from Heart N Soul Children's Swag Boutique and let me just say... it is hard to narrow down to just one thing!!!  

I really loved the Peace Sign shirt, but they did not have a size large enough for Broxton. 
(He is really into the whole "peace sign" thing these days and we all love the Flag.)  

This is the outfit that I chose for Savannah.  A floral dress with pink leggings!  I was not sure on the sizing, so I went with a 9 month size for her.  (She is in 6-9 month size onesies now.)  The top ended up being a bit too big for her, but she can grow into it.  The pants were long, but fit great otherwise.  
I love the detail they put into this outfit.  See the flower embroidered on the top?  Also, note the design on the back of the pants (the gold)  I thought the hem on the pants gave it an extra special touch as well,  It was more of a ruffled hem, but not too frilly!  

She hasn't been feeling well, but I had to show you just how cute the outfit looks!  Don't worry, you will be seeing it again down the road!   

If you are looking for cute outfits that show off a different style, make sure you head on over to see what Heart N Soul has to offer!  I know that if you choose something to purchase from them, you will have a cute and stylish child!!!!  Head on over and let me know what you see that grabs your attention!  


  1. Oh my goodness she's cute as can be, Noelle!! I hope she's feeling all better now!

  2. Look at her, she's so cute! I'm not for pink, or girly things, but ever since I've only had boys I long for something pink. I know if I had a girl, she'd be dressed in cute pink dresses to.

    Mica was born in Aug., Isaak was born in May, so I couldn't use a lot a hand me downs from one to another either.

  3. What a cutie! Thank you for introducing my to this clothing line. They have so many fun tops and outfits for my girls.


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