Troubles and Dining... All with MONSTERS!

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Halloween might be in the past, but that does not mean that our love for monsters has to end... Especially when they are cute ones in books that makes you realize there is nothing to be scared of.  While I love books that go with the holidays, it is great that you can have books that "tie in" with the holiday, but don't have to be put away once the holiday has passed. That can be said with the books that I am about to tell you about.   We were sent a few books to check out, with the whole Monster theme going on and they were super cute!  So cute that Broxton has asked me to read them to him over and over again!  
Today I will tell you about two of them.

Image Credit - Barnes and Noble 
Nothing frightens Winifred Schnitzel—but she DOES need her sleep, and the neighborhood monsters WON'T let her be! Every night they sneak in, growling and belching and making a ruckus. Winifred constructs clever traps, but nothing stops these crafty creatures. What's a girl to do?

Image Credit - Barnes and Noble 
What do hungry monsters like to eat? 1 spider swallowed whole, 2 leaping frogs, and 3 entire whales for the ogre with gigantic claws and scales! And for Mr. One-Eye, four mice are very nice. Kids will enjoy this fun feast of a counting book, with 10 colorful creatures and their meals of grasshoppers, scorpions, owls, and prickly porcupines. 

Both of these books were filled with monsters, but neither were scary at all!  Broxton and I enjoyed reading Dining with Monsters, as we were guessing what was coming up on the next page!  With Monster Trouble, we kept trying to figure out what Winifred was going to do to FINALLY solve her problems!   Grab these books to see if you can figure it out!  


  1. I love how they make the books fun!
    I just want to eat some cake right now . Cake I make :)

  2. I love the looks of both books. I think I'd like Monster Trouble. It's great that the books are not scary.

  3. These book look really cute. I think my niece and nephew would love them.


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