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If you follow me on Instagram (thank you) you have seen that I posted a few pictures of where I went to a blogger luncheon the other day to learn more about a new program coming out on Sprout TV January 23, you know, 1.23  at 8 pm.  We had a great lunch and while enjoying our meals, we also were able to enjoy a preview of the new show, called FLOOGALS..

Are you ready to learn about the Floogals?  
They are these cute little alien type kids, called FLOOGALS.  (I thought it was going to be something more "girly" because of the flooGALS part of it, but it is gender neutral, so everyone can love it!) The floogals we meet are Fleeker, Flo and Junior Boomer.  Since Sprout aims for the target audience of the younger children, this show is geared for children aged 2-6.  At first, I was thinking that they had the age range to broad, since it is all about discovery around you, but once I watched a few sneak peaks,I see that kids of all ages will enjoy it because it is just so silly and entertaining!  For example, the one I watched saw them learning about a clock, at the start I was thinking that my 6 year old knows its called a "CLOCK" not a "SPEEDER UPPER" so I thought it was going to be too immature, but then we watched and saw it was silly and we both enjoyed it. I bet you will too!  Watch a teaser clip below and let me know what you think.


Long story short, we all need to FLOOGAL more often.  
Floogaling - find / question /explore.  

Remember, it will be on January 23rd at 8 pm.  (It will air throughout the days at earlier times as well, but this is the premier of the show!) Will you be watching?  


  1. I haven't heard of this one. I'm sure it's great though. All their shows are.

  2. Silly and educational works for me. My daughter is 16 and I bet she'd like to see it, lol. We both still like the kid shows. :)


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