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She enjoyed checking out the new books!

It has been said that the more you engage in conversation with children, the quicker they will pick things up. I believe that is why there is such a big draw to read to them as well,  you know, to let them pick up vocabulary words.  We read all the time, so Savannah hears conversation. If you have met me in real life (Broxton too) you know that there is rarely a quiet moment, so she hears talking all the time!   We were recently sent a set of books from The Smart Start Series and they are pretty good at engaging in conversation.  The books are meant to "Discover and Explore the everyday world with your child."   
In Around My House we explore the different rooms.  We go and see the playroom, living room, bedroom, bathroom and even the garage.  Each 2 page spread features that room.  You have a photo on one page and then the text on the other page.  
I will share a little from "In the Bathroom"
Do you take baths?  The bath can be a creative place.  What are the people in the picture doing in the bathtub?
Creative Thinking:
What do you think they are making with the bubbles?
Critical Thinking: 
What types of toys are fun to play with in the bath?
Mathematical Thinking: 
How hot is the bathwater?

In Let's Play, we discover different places to play such as the playground, in the rain, in snow and even in a box!  All of the books feature the same layout with the 2 page spread - photo on one side, text on the other.  
Here is a look at Playing in a Box:
The boys in the picture are pretending with boxes and props.  Let's pretend to play with them.
Creative Thinking:
What story do you think the boys are acting out in the picture?
Critical Thinking
What props and materials would you use if you could put your ship in the water?
Mathematical Thinking
How would you design a ship to fit a whole crew of your friends?

Let's Go to the Market is the third book.  What do you think is in here?  This time we look at selecting vegetables, choosing bread and even buying fish.
Let's look at Buying Fish:
The picture shows parents and children at a fish market in the Philippines.  Let's talk about a fish market.
Creative Thinking
Can you tell a story about the people in the market?
Critical Thinking
How did the fish get to the market?
Mathematical Thinking
Why do you think the scale is on the table?

I think these are great books to work on thinking and engaging in conversation.  This is more than simply reading a book out loud and the child listening.  This opens the door up for discussion on each page.  At the end of each book are additional questions if you are stumped on coming up with some on your own.  
Do you enjoy books like this?  Have you seen books like this before? (They are new to me, but I like the concept.)  


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