Kidz Bop 31 - Available January 15

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This kid of mine!!!!  I can not figure him out!  He is totally his own person and it makes me smile watching him grow into his own being.  He is a lover of LEGO, Minecraft, Star Wars and Kidz Bop! We have had Kidz Bop for several years, but since he has started school, the love has really grown. With the cold weather finally here now, they have indoor recess more and more now.  What I learned was that on the days of indoor recess, they have now started having Kidz Bop dance parties!  I love it! Now that the new CD has been being advertised on TV, he has been asking about it over and over again.  The day it arrived, we had to put it in the car to start our daily jam session. I can't tell you if the whole CD is good or not, we have yet to make it past song number 5 "HOTLINE BLING."
Soon enough, soon enough!  (I want to hear Ex's and Oh's, I recently heard it on TV and love it!) 
If you have a younger child, don't you worry... You will need to get it to enjoy to.  Sang by kids, it is a CD you don't have to worry about being "kid friendly!"  This would be great to buy and send in for your child's class!   

What Do You Mean?
Wildest Dreams
Drag Me Down
Hotline Bling
Same Old Love
Ex's And Oh's
Like I'm Gonna Lose You 
On My Mind

What song is your favorite from the ones on the latest CD? 


  1. I saw one that had Magik on it, and one that had All About that Bass. My son loves the first and the second he would like if it didn't curse. NICE that he can get it on a KidzBop CD w/o the cursing. Really nice. :)

  2. I don't know if I KNOW any of them. I'd like to try to listen to Wildest Dreams. It sounds the most interesting to me.

  3. Oh my goodness, I just came over to thank you for the info., and saw you mentioned Minecraft and Lego with this CD too, lol. I swear I did not rip your content off!! LOL!! Noelle!! Great minds just think alike, or they both have young boys who like the same things. :)


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