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A little over a month ago, I was driving down the street and noticed that there was a new pizza place getting ready to open.  I stopped by and spoke to the owner.  He seemed to be a nice guy and I LOVED that he was planning to be so involved in our community.  I tell you, it is people like this that makes you proud of where you live!!!   Well, they opened up and seem to be doing great, so we finally got the time to go and check it out.  Come to find out, there are Marco's Pizzas all over the place and seems like everyone I know has been to one and has nothing but great things to say about it.  It was our first (and for sure not last) time there.
Now, I get to share with you about the one that just opened up in Powder Springs, Georgia.  

Marco's Pizza4150 Macland Rd
In the Kroger Shopping Center,across from McEachern Methodist Church

Marco's Pizza has more than just pizza... and since the pizza is SO GOOD, we will be back to try the other food options soon!   Just a head up, they have cheezybread, cinnasquares, meatball bake, salads, chicken wings, and even subs!!!!   ( I asked to try their croutons, since I heard they were made fresh daily.  WOW!!! I want to try the salad now, just so I can get croutons!!!  I will be ordering extra croutons too, they were that good!  )  I will tell you what we tried in a minute, but first I want to tell you about the place.  

The theater window where you can watch them making your meal.  

I know they are still new, but I was VERY IMPRESSED with how clean and organized everything was.  If they are trained from the start that this is how things are going to go, then it will be hard to change it... You know what I mean?  The owner even commented that if you ask an employee what they do, the answer is they clean and then make pizza on the side!  I love it.  The whole time we were there, you could see them constantly wiping things down and cleaning if they were not busy doing something else.  (It might help that they have a theater window, so they are held more accountable than other places.  You can sit there and actually watch them make your pizza!!)
As I mentioned, very impressed with the organization and cleanliness.  Their walk-in cooler was like this all around.  See the dates CLEARLY LABELED ON EACH CONTAINER?  YES!!!   Not to mention all of the food looked really fresh!   
I wish now that I had taken a picture of their massive mixer for you to see, but it was pretty neat to see how it all goes. Their dough is fresh, never frozen and you can totally taste the difference in theirs versus other places when you order their cheezybread!
One noticeable thing with their dough?  They have labels / stickers on each ball of dough. The label tells you when it was made, when it is ready to use and when you need to discard it.  The racks are labeled with small, medium, large and extra large for the dough and they have  system on how to grab it to make sure they are not wasting any and having it go bad.   
The massive oven where the pizza is cooked.  What I liked about this was he was telling me that it has a greener approach than other ovens. When it is not in use it goes into a bit of a sleep cycle, as to not waste energy!  (Don't quote me on the terminology, but you get what I mean!)  
After our tour, we sat and waited for our order to be made.  Just wait until you see what we got to try!!!  It was nice to sit there and just enjoy the area.  We noticed police coming in and found out they give a discount to police officers!  Great to know, since that means they will frequent the area!  Also, as the delivery drivers leave, you hear the entire staff call out " Buckle Up and Drive Safe!" It was a nice thing to hear and definitely something you notice and are proud to hear!  
Broxton enjoyed the theater window.  He sat there as they made our food and was talking about how they did each thing.  You get to see them stretch the dough from the ball it is in to the flat shape.  Then you watch them throw it around to make it just right (I don't know the right words on it, but that was what we were calling it!)  After that, you got to watch them add the toppings to make your pizza perfect for you!  I did notice that they have little sheets hanging up in that area telling you exactly how much of each item goes on each size pizza / sub.  It even has a picture to show you.  That way you know you will be getting the same thing every time!  I enjoyed that, it means consistency!  

What we were able to enjoy: 
White Cheezy
4 types of cheese including Feta, bacon, onions, sliced tomatoes, garlic butter sauce

Pepperoni Magnifico
Cheese, roma seasoning, pepperoni, old world pepperoni and our signature pizza sauce.
We also were treated to an order of their cheezybread.  It was so good!  You can totally taste how fresh the dough is!   
Once he was finished eating, he had to head back over to the window to watch other orders. That worked out perfect for us, as we were still enjoying our food!   

If you are in / near Powder Springs, make sure you stop by and try out Marco's Pizza.  We were so impressed and can not wait to go back!!!   The Pepperoni pizza was amazing.  The "old world pep" that they add on is awesome. Broxton even commented on it being "little cups" made just for him!  The White Cheezy was awesome. I was not sure what Marc would think, since it has no pizza sauce on it... and it comes with bacon as the meat (Remember, he feels the need for meat with every single meal!  Meat-lover is an understatement!)  He was so in love with it, as it really fills you up and you feel full of meat!   Also, we had 2 medium pizza's and had basically a whole pizza left to bring home. Normally we can do some damage on large / extra large ones, so that tells you about the amount of food you get!  Perfect for lunch or dinner... Make it a Marco's Night soon!  

Have you ever eaten a Marco's Pizza?  What are you waiting on???


  1. This looks so good! We don't have one here. I want one!


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