Bugs Bunny Boomtown, now open and ready #SFOGTHRILLS

We were recently invited to go to attend the Grand Opening of Bugs Bunny's Boomtown at Six Flags Over Georgia and I could not pass up such a fun time!   The big brothers came up for the day and it was full of fun. (Not even the rain could make us leave!)
As a child, I remember taking vacations to Atlanta.  I have been to Six Flags on more than one occasion though the years.  Actually, when I first moved to Atlanta in college, my roommate and I bought Season Tickets because we were going to go often enough for it to be worth it for us.  I hate to admit it, but ever since I had Broxton, I have not been a fan of motion like that.  I can't do roller coasters, trampolines and even car rides drive me crazy. Having a son (and driving near Six Flags all the time) I have been asked several times when I was taking him there.  I honestly have been meaning to take him, but I needed someone to ride with him, so I thought. After spending the day there, I realize now, we can go have a fun day at an amusement park and I don't have to find someone to ride with him!  

Getting ready for the ribbon cutting ceremony for Bugs Bunny Boomtown.  

I immediately went back to being a child as soon as I saw the characters getting ready for the event.  

Of course I had to get Broxton to take his pictures with each of the characters. They were so fun!  Photobombs and all, we were all laughing!  

It was Savannah's first time there, so I had to get her photo with someone.  Porky was nearby and didn't mind posing. See he's even holding on to the stroller. 

The president of Six Flags over Georgia was there.  We actually saw him throughout the day and he always had a smile on his face!!!

Right before the ribbon cutting, everyone was ready!!!

Stay tuned for my next post as I share the rides Broxton enjoyed in Bugs Bunny Boomtown!
(I didn't want to overload you with pictures in one post!) 

 I was invited by Six Flags to go enjoy the day.  All thoughts are my own.  


  1. How fun that the president showed up. I bet it was a good day for him, and for you! :)

  2. I love that they have older characters! How fun! I bet Broxton loved it. Savannah I'm sure just enjoyed the ride.


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