Fun new rides just for kids! #SFOGTHRILLS

Hopefully you saw my last post about us being invited to Six Flags Over Georgia for the Grand Opening of Bugs Bunny Boomtown.  I didn't want to overload you with photos, so we are here now to tell more about the rides!  Boomtown is all about kids and we had a blast letting him play to his hearts desire!
Tweetys Tree House - 
This was perfect for an introduction to the rides.  On this ride, you go up 20 feet in the air and then it "drops" you. Not too fast so littles are giggling more than screaming.  See the smiles? So fun he had to ride more than once! 

Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters- 
This one has one of his big brothers on it. (He did manage to get them all on it with him!)  He loved it, because you shot the other people with the water ... and could also shoot the people standing to the side watching!  Sure to get lots of shrieks and laughter!

Speedy Gonzales Speed Boats- 
This one kinda caught him by surprise.  We thought it just went around and around, but it actually went up and down too, like a speed boat!   He was laughing and giggling, I just wish I would have gotten better pictures!

Bugs Bunny High Sea Adventure - 
The "boats" set sail and swung around in the air.  More than just kid swings, this was fun for him.  You could ride 2 people per boat or go solo.  (See some parents rode it too.) 

After riding the rides in Boomtown, we were finally able to talk him out of there so we could walk around the park.  As were meandering, we came to a stage where the characters were out dancing and having a blast.  Broxton and Daffy were doing the Whip N - Nay Nay at this point.  
Bugs and Lola got dressed up for the dance party!  Just had to get a picture of them!!!!

After all of that,we had to head back to Boomtown.  The playground (AKA Looney Tunes Adventure Camp) kept calling his name and this boy loves to run around.  We spent a good time there letting him get more energy out!   

That's All Folks!!!! 

As I mentioned in the previous post, the big brothers were able to join us for the day.  We had fun, good laughs and were able to make memories.  I will mention though, if you are in a cast... plan accordingly.  We had an injured player on our team and he ended up renting a wheelchair.  Most of the rides he wanted to go on, he wasn't allowed due to safety regulations with the wheelchair, so keep that in mind.  Even the rain could not keep the smiles off our faces and we left pretty close to closing time. *(The brothers made it from open to close.)
If you are looking for something to do for spring break or trying to plan summer break, please keep Six Flags in mind!!!
We were invited by Six Flags to attend.  All thoughts are my own.  


  1. We don't have a 6 Flags near us. The only amusement parks are Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City (2 1/2 hours away), and Adventure Land in Des Moines, Iowa (a little over 2 hours away). I have been to 6 Flags twice though. Once in Texas and somewhere else (I can't remember). I'm a chicken, but my boys love rides.

  2. That Whip song is my son's fave. ;) These pictures all came out so nice!! What a fun day for sure. :)


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