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Do things slow down a bit for you once school lets out, or are things still crazy?  I used to think that summer break meant BREAK for everyone, but I have quickly learned that is not the case.  Yes school may be out, but it takes a good while for my son to get the sleep schedule changed.  Honestly, I would prefer he keeps it, as it makes back to school a bit easier but hey... I remember loving to sleep in when I was younger.  Just hope he gets to do it some, as his "sleeping in" has him waking up around 8 am.
Anyways, with summer break, we seem to stay busy and I like it, as I don't have to hear "I'm bored" all the time.  What are summer breaks like?  You could have family come visit, you could be planning vacations, maybe you do plenty of summer camps? At the end of the day, the bottom line is this.. we stay busy and it is good to know that there are "ready to eat meals" like the ones from Go Picnic.

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I previously had the chance to work with Go Picnic, but did not really get a chance to try out many flavors. I was so excited when I was sent an assortment this time to give it a go!  I love how they are packaged in individual boxes with clear pictures on the front. Perfect when deciding what you are in the mood for (and great for those learning to read, they can just look at the photos to help them out!)

All of the items inside the box come individually wrapped.  This is a great thing in my opinion in case you don't want to eat all of it at one time, or if you are like me and want to save some of it to pack in the hubby's lunch!  I knew he would enjoy the fruit and nut mix more than me, so that was saved for a later date!

I absolutely loved the chocolate wafer cookies in this ... and the cheese spread and crackers, but I knew that Salami was not a meat that I enjoy.  Again, I was able to share this with the husband and we were both able to enjoy treats from this one meal.

Not to be outdone with great tasting meals for a cute and fun picnic, they even include entertainment printed inside the box.  To be honest with you, this was one of the first things that I noticed, since I saw it before I started eating and it has always stuck out with me that they not only care about the food they are feeding us, but also care about us having a great time too!

I have yet to try a meal from Go Picnic that I did not enjoy.  Each one has something different and tasty.  While I don't see this as a "fill you up" meal for dinner, I do think it is great to throw in the diaper bag or lunch bag for a day out.  It is so much more tasty than a PB&J and I love how it is all put together with complimentary flavors!   I have noticed when we go on our different outings (the zoo, aquarium and so forth) I have been throwing a box in the bag / stroller in case we get hungry.

*** With end of the year coming up, you could totally make a picnic basket gift for your teacher.  Grab a cute basket, fun plates and cups and then add a few different products from the Go Picnic product line to go in there.  Boom.  Cute gift and not another " teacher" coffee mug!

Have you tried Go Picnic before?


  1. My sister in law and my brother in-law's wife (or whatever they are now, lol, I just call them family) LOVE LOVE LOVE the Go Picnic line. They take them to work and rave about them all of the time.

  2. I haven't tried them. They look really good for meals on the go!

  3. This is a nice idea, especially as I love having a lunch to bring along and go for a ride in the country. How much nicer to not have to do all the preparing!!! These look good!


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