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If you remember, a while back, Broxton and I had a movie date night and went to see the movie, Eddie the Eagle.  We really enjoyed it and I loved that Broxton was able to see the story line about never giving up, no matter what.  I was thrilled when we were given the chance to have a movie night at home to celebrate the release of Eddie the Eagle to Blu-Ray/DVD.
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Working with Fox Insiders, we made it a pretty awesome movie night too!   Even though it is summertime, it was nice to have treats and we watched in style with a little hot chocolate. (Had to keep warm on all those snowy slopes practicing skiing!)  
As much as we love movie nights, it is fun to be able to do something more than just popcorn and a movie...  This time we had the hot chocolate (in our new Eddie the Eagle mugs) and even had a chance to play a little Eddie the Eagle bingo!!!  

Broxton was pretty excited with the bingo game.  Not sure if it was just for the fact of trying to beat mama in bingo, or if it was because our bingo pieces were chocolate and he could eat them when it was over.  
In Eddie the Eagle, his dad never gets on board to support his dream to be in the Olympics. (From a VERY EARLY age, he was determined.)  His mom was always there to support him no matter what, but his dad felt that he needed to be more practical and start working, not following a dream.  It was sad to see, but it made my heart happy to see Broxton watch and know that no matter what, I will support his dreams and wish him all the success in life.  

As I mentioned in my original review, the movie is a great one.  Granted there are scenes that are over the heads of smaller children.  (Another scene is when Hugh Jackman references making love...  not best for the younger ones, but Broxton didn't mention it to me.)

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  1. I have previews of this movie. It looks inspirational.

  2. I've heard of Eddie the Eagle before. We haven't seen it quite yet though.

  3. I've heard of Eddie the Eagle but was too young to remember him when he was in the Olympics. Thanks for the giveaway. This looks like a movie my family would enjoy. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

  4. I've been seeing a lot of buzz on the movie. It looks like a good family night movie pick!

  5. never heard of it but i'm sure my kiddos will be wanting to go!

  6. I have heard of Eddie the Eagle and would love to watch this with the grandkids.

  7. I've heard of it, but have not seen it yet!

    1. Same. I've heard of it and wanted to see it, but haven't yet.

  8. I have heard of it. I haven't seen it yet though. Got my Shrek video yesterday. Thank you!

  9. I remember this in ads.
    I haven't seen it as yet


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