Booginhead to the rescue! Mama Must Have item right here!

Can you believe we just celebrated Savannah's first birthday???  It seems like just yesterday I was planning her arrival and adding things to my registry that I thought we would need. Now, we are a year later and I am still learning about many cool items.  Perfect for baby gifts for friends and family!

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One item that is officially on my EVERY MOM MUST HAVE THIS list?  The blanketgrip from BooginheadThis is not an exaggeration.  This is honest to goodness mama talk right here.  Let me just tell you..
See that photo above of Savannah? Well, it seems WHENEVER we go anywhere, her goal is to work and work until she gets her blanket off of her.  She loves swinging her feet (and grabbing her toes) and just having fun, so you can't get mad at her...  Well, I figured I would be smart and I would zip big brothers jacket around her and then add the blanket, no such luck... She somehow managed to get all of them off.  Talent.  That girl has talent!
We even went to Six Flags once... it was raining and I put the blanket on her to keep her "dry"  Yeah, that blanket ended up in the muddy water.  #momFAIL there.  Oh how I wished I was familiar with this blanketgrip then!  NO need to worry, I am all about it now!  
This thing is awesome!
*** Not my baby, not my blanket.  Image credit - Booginhead

It is a bit too warm to go putting a blanket on her right now, so I don't have an image of our own, but I did want to show you this adorable kid with their blanketgrip!  Booginhead also has pacigrips (and sippy cup holders) We have one of the holders for the sippy cup that we purchased and that thing is a lifesaver.  If you have been around kids, you know that dropping / throwing the cup is a part of life, well instead of trying to dive and catch it, or play scavenger hunt to find it, it stays attached with the grip!  Same thing goes with the pacigrip!  
Savannah has never been the one to need a pacifier, neither was Broxton... but she does like to use one from time to time... We keep the pacigrip with a pacifier connected to it on the car seat strap. She can use it to get her paci or even sometimes she just enjoys playing with the actual grip instead.The one that was sent to us is the sensory pacigrip, so it has that crinkly material in it that makes fun noises!  Whatever works!   

At only $9.99 each, you can spend less than $20 on two mama must haves!  Believe me, she will thank you for it!  I am telling you now, I am ready for the blanket this time. I will win that battle thanks to the blanketgrip!  Are you familiar with BooginHead?  If not and you have a baby or no someone that does, you need to familiarize yourself quickly. 


  1. Oh my goodness, this would be great. I hate when the blankets end up on the ground, and they always do.

  2. I'm so jealous! I love baby things. I just passed it all up in Target and thought, Sadly those days are gone.

    I love it when people I know have kids, so I can buy them something. :)


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