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I am not sure when school starts back near you, but around here, we are totally in back to school mode.  I feel as though we just got out and here we are headed back.  You know what that means?  A little bit of back to school posts to help get you ready for a new school year!   Stay tuned, I will be sharing back to school finds and why not throw in a gift card giveaway? The giveaway is a few days away, but I will tell you a secret, posting a relevant comment on all my back to school posts will for sure be an easy bonus entry for the gift card!  
Here we go!!!! 
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I don't know if they still have "snack time" in second grade, but I know they did in Kindergarten and First.  It was hard to try and find a great tasting snack to send in without constantly being on repeat.  Broxton used to be a fan of hummus, but has now decided that he has to be "in the mood" for it.  I love it whenever (and wherever) so when I was sent the selection of Wild Garden Snack Pack to Go, I thought this would be great to share with you all.  It is a hummus snack that does not have to be refrigerated!  I know there are many kids that are Gluten Free, so this works great for them as well!  
Traditional Hummus with Original Multi-Seed Crackers
Roasted Garlic Hummus with Veggie Chips
Traditional Hummus with Sea Salt Pita Chips

I did have a hard time deciding which was a favorite of mine.  They were all so good and I loved that the hummus actually came in a little squeeze pack so that I could put the amount I desired on each cracker / chip and not have a mess.  Each snack pack is packed ready to throw in a lunch box or bag for easy access!    Each box contains a bag with the chips / crackers and then the squeeze pack of hummus.  Easy!   Perfect for snack time in a class.  
This would actually make a great side item for a kid that packs their lunch too.  If you have a child like mine, he walks in the door ready for an after school snack, with these he can just grab the one he wants that day and go ahead and sit down while I am getting his sister out of her car seat and ready for play time.  If you want to stock up on them, this would also be a great teacher idea to throw in a back to school welcome gift!  

If you are looking to order some for you to have at your house, they can be purchased for $3.25 per box online.  

Are you a fan of hummus?  What about your children?  


  1. We all like humus. When we're on trips I buy it to spread on meat and cheese sandwiches.

  2. Now THIS is a snack my granddaughter LOVES and it's that brand too!

  3. We are huge fans of hummus. I also like making it from scratch. I want to try this out!!

  4. I think my boys have more snacks in the summer than the school year. I packed up snacks for them for today and Mica said, "Really? This is it?" I packed more. Maybe I could try Wild Garden!

  5. These are nice and it is so much more likely they'll have a healthy snack if these are around than who knows what?!!!


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