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As many know, we love books here.  I love reading and love reading to my children. Broxton would much rather me read TO him instead of him read, so we are working on that. He is in 2nd grade now and just came home the other day telling me that he has found books he likes!  He wants me to start buying him CHAPTER BOOKS so he can read them.  I pointed out that I had bought plenty of chapter books for him, he just needed to start reading them.
The reason I am telling you this?  Sky Pony Press (we have worked with them on books before and are still working on building our library for Savannah with their great titles) has decided to give chapter books a try.  They have two that they have released and both sound pretty amazing.  I think Broxton would love them, so we might have to check these out soon!  

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It’s a pretty normal day for Logan Applebaum—until his inventor mother announces that she’s built him a new robot cousin. And Java may be really smart, but he’s also going to be a major handful. No one can know about his secret. This is going to be a long school year.
With the third grade science fair coming up, though, Logan thinks maybe a super computer cousin could come in handy and he’ll finally have a shot at beating the nosey Silverspoon twins who win at everything.
But when Sherry and Jerry steal Java as their partner, and then start suspecting something is up with the new kid, can Logan think fast before this crazy experiment becomes an epic disaster?
In Science No Fair! internationally bestselling author, Nancy Krulik and her incredibly talented daughter, Amanda Burwasser, team up to introduce a new comedic pair that combines the literalness of Amelia Bedelia with a wacky modern edge, making for hours of laughter.

When Mom tells Logan that Java is joining his soccer team, the Purple Wombats, he’s not thrilled. It’s a lot of work teaching his new robot cousin how to act like a human—and keeping him out of trouble—and Logan needs a break.
Still, being programmed for success means that Java’s also great at scoring. He might just turn the Wombats into a championship team, beating Sherry and Jerry Silverspoon and their Red Polar Bears . . . if he’d just let the other kids play, too. After being replaced as the Wombats’ MVP, Logan’s had enough.
But when Java gets wet and goes on the fritz, can the whole team—even a short-circuiting Java—come together to score the winning goal?
The second in a fantastically funny new chapter book series by internationally bestselling author Nancy Krulik and her daughter, Amanda Burwasser, Soccer Shocker is destined to win tons of fans.

Do you read Chapter Books at your house?  


  1. We've got a whole stack of new books here. Getting ready for the hurricane. :)

  2. These both sound so cute!! I love the themes! It can be hard to wean kids from being read to, and having them read on their own more and as a preference. I suppose one they start doing homework, they will get used to it!

  3. These books look cute. We do read chapter books

  4. We do. I started this thing where the boys go in to bed at 7:30. They read for a 1/2 hour before they go to sleep. I love it because it's quieter earlier.

  5. Oh the kids here love love their chapter books!


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