Wee Gallery Slide and Play Books, perfect for babies!

As a parent, you learn so much. I remember thinking that babies would love bright colored objects, but once I became a parent, I learned that in the beginning stages, black and white were the most appealing to them.  It is always so neat to me to learn how babies function. Anyways, I was sent a couple books for review and to say Savannah thinks they are pretty neat is an understatement. Broxton, being the great big brother that he is, was eager to show her the books and they are now in her cube of books that we have in the living room that she "reads" every day.  
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We were sent the slide and play books Pets and Safari from Wee Gallery.  These books are both heavy duty to stand up to kids playing.  While I think that lift the flap books are cute, they tend to get destroyed early on. These slide and play are durable and I think will be lasting us a good while.  (She does like chewing on all board books right now, so I don't think they will be passed down to her kids, but you get what I am saying!)  
Broxton loved being able to show his little sister that she could slide the parts up and down.   He would mix them up and then show her how to make it become an animal.

Savannah enjoyed us talking about the animals and was pretty excited to see that the parts moved to be a silly shape, or we could move it to the right way and an animal would appear!  I thought with them being in black and white that she might not be as drawn to them, but she still was, at over one year old!   

As I said, we were sent two really cool slide and play books:
Pets -  slide to see four house hold pets come before your eyes!
Safari - slide to see four safari animals 

We were also sent two activity books that I have put up until she is a little older.
These are not typical "coloring" books, they are awesome books !  You can draw, write and color to complete each page.  I think we will have fun with these when she gets older, so I am excited about these books!    The two we were sent were Dogs Day out (that I have shared below) and Cat's Playgroup. 
Dogs Day Out-  Join Dog and Cat on their busy day out. This fun activity book is packed with lots of things to draw, spot, and color. This stunning range of books for pre-schoolers, illustrated with high contrast black and white bold lines, stimulate visual development with engaging educational content.Join Dexter Dog and his friends on an exciting day out at the park. Packed with puzzles, oodles of doodles, and things to spot, color, and make, you'll find lots of things to do in this exciting puzzle activity book.After helping Dog's little sister choose her outfit, eating breakfast and packing a picnic, it's off on the big yellow bus to have some fun! Play on the rides, feed the ducks, discover beautiful bugs and fly kites before going home for tea.Beautifully illustrated in bold line, and filled with repeating patterns, this fun activity book is designed to engage and stimulate visual development. Includes a dust jacket that folds out to a poster.
Are you familiar with Wee Gallery?  They have so much more than books.  Yes, this review was of some of the books they offer, but they have pillows, art cards, toys and more!   Head on over to see what all they have, I know you will love it!
I am IN LOVE with the Meal Time Stacking Set - Just not sure if I love the girl or dog the most!  Let me know which one you like!  


  1. Their books are so cute! I'd buy one - except that I have my nephews done for Christmas. I love the images on these. It would be fun to get Emerson and Edison each a different one.

  2. Savannah is so cute a good helper, and these books are wonderful even if not fully "chew" proof. I didn't know that the littlest prefer black and white, but it makes sense!

  3. It's got that black and white color scheme they say is so important for little ones. :) I just visited the website and the stackables are cute!! I love the dog best. :)

  4. Those can be very helpful for travel and at home. Oh look at the cuties!


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