Catch a ride with Po at #AdventuretoSanta

Have you been to see Santa yet?  We were invited to go and check out the Adventure To Santa at North Point mall here recently and we had a great time.  Broxton was in school, so Savannah and I headed out for a "girls" trip. Have you ever heard of Adventure to Santa?  It really is pretty cool!!!!

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Like I said, it is Adventure to Santa and the one here in Atlanta is at North Point Mall.  The Adventure to Santa is tied in with Dreamworks Pictures and this year we had the chance to catch a ride (well, drive it actually!)  with Po from the Kung Fu Panda movies.
If you have been here a while, you might remember last year was with Shrek and Savannah was NOT a fan of the sleigh ride. This year she LOVED the sleigh and was holding her hands up and clapping!  You see, this Adventure to Santa is so much more than just going to see Santa.  You get there and you get to see Po.  (It is a statue, so don't go thinking you can chat a while with him.)  Then you head on in for the Adventure. You get to practice driving the sleigh on the tablets they have inside.  Then, you jump on the sleigh and off you go. I guess its easy to say it is sort of 4-d.  The sleigh doesn't actually move or anything, but you get the simulation like it is with the images on the screen and it shaking.  Then you go out into the next room and get to make a custom greeting card on the tablet if you like.

Finally, you get to see Santa!
Last year Savannah FREAKED out with the jingle bells ringing, so I asked them to put them away so we could try a different approach this time around.  They were eager to make this the best experience ever, so they let me know the reindeer were tied up and wouldn't be making any noises!  

Surprisingly, she did not scream or cry. She just sat there with a stone cold face watching the camera. (She tends to do the same thing when we go for professional pictures.)  Santa was great. He was very patient with her and even tried to get he laughing.  She was not having it, but he did try to get the photographer to get a couple good shots of her looking at him.  He must be a pro at this, as he was really awesome with her. 

Since it is tied in with Dreamworks, they have several of the dreamworks movies items for sale.  She was given panda ears and a baby panda from them and of course that made for a happy baby girl!  

Once it was over, she was ready to go back through it all again!   We had a great time and were very thankful for the invitation to come and check it all out.
If you're looking for a great Santa, make sure you look at the Adventure to Santa experience.


  1. Way to go Savannah for not crying when you sat on Santa's lap. Such a cutie! I love her little ponytail!

  2. This is just the kind of thing I like to do. Your little one is ADORABLE!


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