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Math is not my thing. I can do it, but I don't really enjoy it.  Now, my dad and my brother?  That is another thing... they love it and use it every day in their line of work.  I am happy to report that Broxton will be following along them, as he loves numbers and I can proudly say that is is good at it. Last year, I was so happy and excited when we got a report from his school saying that in the math portions of tests, he was considered Advanced!    Yay!!! I know it isn't from me, so I can thank The Odd Squad for showing him numbers are cool and that you do actually use them every day!  He loves this show and when he found out they made a movie, he was so excited!   Now, he can watch it whenever he wants to!!!

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When a rival agency called Weird Team, led by Weird Tom (Jack McBrayer), arrives on the scene with a gadget that fixes any odd problem, Odd Squad suddenly finds it doesn’t have any cases to solve and goes out of business – forcing the agents to close up shop and go back to their lives as regular kids! Using math and teamwork, they soon uncover that Weird Team’s gadget isn’t actually fixing the problems around town, but only covering them up. Olympia and Otis join forces with Olive and Otto to stop Weird Team – and save the world from destruction! Click here to watch a clip from “ODD SQUAD: THE MOVIE.”
When the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards were announced in 2016, ODD SQUAD earned four Emmys, including “Outstanding Writing in a Children’s or Pre-School Children’s Series” and “Outstanding Directing in a Children’s or Pre-School Children’s Series,” adding to their string of Emmy wins. 

The popular live-action series is aimed at helping kids ages 5-8 learn important math and problem-solving skills. ODD SQUAD is created by Tim McKeon and Adam Peltzman and produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment and The Fred Rogers Company. The show airs daily on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

Are you fans of The Odd Squad? 


  1. My kids love Odd Squad. I have to be honest - I've never seen it. They've watched it on days off of school.

  2. Wow what a great idea! I did like math when I was in grade school, and would look for workbooks in the summer to learn ahead! This sounds like a good way to instill the idea that math can be fun!


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