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There is no denying how much I love books.  I have loved books for as long as I can remember and I will tell you this, nothing sweeter than walking in a room seeing Broxton reading a book.  (Bonus points if he's reading to Savannah!)  He loves reading, ( Oh how I love saying that!)  and I hope Savannah loves it as she gets older too!
We recently had a conversation with my moms group about TV time and while some parents say NO TV, I have no shame in admitting that I will put the TV on when I need me time. You know ... BATHROOM ALONE, cooking, just a moment to think...  I do put on fun and educational shows, so give me some credit!  
Broxton grew up watching Word World and Super Why... and while I know that reading to / with him and him being in school helped, I can't help but think that him watching these shows helped to push him along too!!!  That being said, when I saw that Word World had "Let's Make Music" available, I knew I wanted Savannah to see it. Not only is it reading, which I LOVE, it is also music, which she LOVES!!!!   

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Dancing Dog
It’s the day of the WordWorld Concert and no one is more excited than Dog – he loves music. Unfortunately, he can’t play an instrument. With the help of his good friend Bear, Dog discovers that anyone can make music!

Duck Plays the Piano
When Bug, Bee, and Fly keep interrupting Duck’s piano lesson, Duck learns that some things are worth waiting for. He also learns that when a word has lots of sounds in it, you can build it sound by sound.

The Dancing Duck Bonanza
Duck encourages Shark, who is a great underwater dancer, to dance in his show. When Shark comes up on land to practice, he flops all over the stage like a…well, a fish out of water. But the show must go on! Duck must find a way to put on his show and include Shark.

A Star is Born
Duck gets a case of stage fright while singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” for all his WordFriends. Instead of singing the word “star,” Duck freezes and blurts out the first thing he sees. With a little word building, Sheep and Ant solve Duck’s problem, and soon a “star” is born.

Boppin’ with the Bug Band
Ant is having a band showcase on his radio show and while Bug, Fly, and Bee have some really good music, they need a lot of help with their lyrics. Frog teaches the Bug Band all about rhyming and they eventually give a fantastic performance.

Radio Read-a-Thon
Duck asks Frog to read his favorite book on Ant’s radio station because he can’t read it himself. But when Frog’s tongue gets tangled in knots, Duck realizes that he doesn’t need to know how to read to be able to look at pictures and tell a great story.

Dog’s Having a Party
Dog and Duck want to throw a house party at Dog’s house. But all they have is the letter “H,” and they don’t know what to do with it! With the help of Sheep, they soon realize that “H” is a fabulous letter; with it they can make hotdogs, hats, hula-hoops, and a great party indeed. Hurray!

Bed Bugs
When the Bugs accidentally break Frog’s brand new bed, they scramble to put it back together and make things right. Just one problem: they can’t tell the letters “b” and “d” apart! Can they figure out which letter is which – and rebuild Frog’s bed – before Frog returns home?

WORDWORLD, which won the 2009 Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding children’s animated program, is designed to introduce, support, and foster literacy skills in children ages three to five. Young children explore the colorful, vibrant world of words with the lovable, legible WordFriends – animals whose bodies are made up of the letters that spell the word they represent. In each story, the WordFriends go on adventures and face challenges that can only be resolved with the right word. That word is built letter by letter, sound by sound. Once the word is built it “morphs” to become the spelled item – N-E-S-T becomes a nest!

Are you a fan of Word World?  


  1. I loved this show! It helped so much with reading. The shapes of letters are cool too!

  2. We love reading books at our house,and this show is so much fun to read. My daughter loves music too!

  3. Word World is really cool! I think everyone has a few things like turning on the TV to occupy their child/children so they can do something or even just catch their breath!

  4. I think quality screen time is beneficial because there are so many educational dvd's and public broadcasting shows. My kids learned a lot from just watching Sesame Street. Tapes and TV should not take the place of reading, but there are positive skills to be attained in both.


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