Animal Colors and more #RaisingAReader #EasterBasket Ideas

It's been a bit since I posted.  Wow.  These temperature changes are bringing the funk over here.  I feel like I have been ran over by a bus, but I am bound to get back on track, right??  I wanted to share a couple more books with you, remember...  March is READING AWARENESS MONTH!!!
I love reading to Broxton and Savannah.  Luckily, they still enjoy me reading to them!

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Savannah is one and a half, so we are all about learning books. Counting, alphabet, shapes and colors. When the latest book arrived on our doorstep, we were thrilled.  Just so you know, Animal Colors and more is far from your average color book.  Most books have "red, orange, blue" basic colors.  Well, this covers the basic colors, but if you look at the picture I have shared, you see that they show there is a difference in shades of the color.  I loved that!!!!!
I enjoyed that the book was more than just basic colors and animals.  As you see here, we also got to see the "spotted" animals and even had a bit of interaction with the reader.  "Spot the difference."
The above page had us on a hide and seek adventure as we learned about green animals and had to look for the green snake and the green grasshopper! 
 Like I said, we have really enjoyed this book and I can not wait for us to continue reading and looking at the animals while we work on our colors!  This is the third book from the author, Katie Viggers and I think we will be adding the other books to our personal library.
This would be a great book to add to an Easter basket this year!


  1. How fun! I love the photo you captured of her checking out the book.

    I'm trying to get things to add to their Easter baskets as well. Mica's like, "Mom maybe the Easter Bunny could add a few Lego sets." ;) I don't want to spend a lot kid! Maybe I'll add little sets. I'm giving them 2 movies I think I may have won off your site. :) Then I got glow gummy rings, and yo-yos to review just on FB. Those are going to my Aunt for the cousin hunt.

  2. Broxton and Savannah are so lucky, you have discovered so many nice books, this one included!

  3. Everyone is talking about how crazy the weather is this year. It's pretty consistent here, but we are pretty far south. I like this time of year, it's perfect for temps!


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