Looking for a great birthday gift? @readysetgobox has you covered!

If you saw one of my latest Instagram posts, you surely have seen my post about Ready Set Go Boxes. I will totally admit I have a slight obsession with looking at all the goodies in these different subscription boxes.  They have boxes for everything and this Ready Set Go one is pretty cool!!!  
We were sent their BIRTHDAY BOX and it was full of goodies that we have enjoyed. They also have a monthly subscription service and I think that might be something we look at down the road.  The monthly boxes are packed with goodies for children aged 3-5 years old.  I know that my family calls and asks what my kids are into each month.  I have also had friends call and say, hey what do you recommend to give to a boy/girl and then list the age that they are looking to buy for. The Ready Set Go Box will help those that don't like asking for suggestions, but want to give a great gift!  

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As I said, we were sent the Birthday Box from Ready Set Go and it was customized to include the "Happy Birthday Savannah" message on the top inside. (Do you see it?!)  I am going to pull that off and let her color it, then we can keep it with her birthday cards! No, it isn't her birthday yet, but I am never one to not stock in advance if I can!!!! Want to see the goodies inside?
Once you open the tissue paper, you see it really is full of goodies for kids that are on the go!  I loved that they include a paper tiara for her to wear.  You can color it, add stickers, or decorate it any way you want to. It is up to you (or the kid) to make it just the way they want it to look!  Isn't childhood about playing and having fun and letting your creativity shine?

I tried to do an "unboxing" video for you to see, but Broxton decided to act like a nut job with a silly accent and a goofy face and I was not about to put that online for the world to see.  Can't be mad at him, he was having a good time and really, isn't that what life is all about??
So, what was inside it??


We got a little BOOMCHICKAPOP popcorn.  (We love it, so that is one that we will be sharing!  If you haven't tried it, you need to read this post and then go to the store to grab a bag or twenty!)  
There were gummies in there.  Great for snacking ON THE GO! 
I loved that there was a book in there that was not only a book to read and enjoy, but it was also a coloring book!  Yes, crayons were included, so no need to worry about that! 
They also had an activity book, memory game and a magnetic sketch board.
Oh, since we are giving this for kids on the go, they also had hand sanitizer and even boogie wipes! 

Remember I said the birthday tiara was great to let them decorate?  They also include a bunch of stickers, great for doing just that, or adding to a sticker book! 
I love this box and really want to get one of the monthly boxes to check out.  I think this is a great box to give a child that has every angle covered.  Did you notice the same thing I did?? There is NOTHING in there that needs batteries!  Yes, just good old fashioned play time!!!! 
Now that I shared how awesome this is, let me add a little information about Ready Set Go Boxes to show just how cool they are...

What is ReadySetGo Box?
   ReadySetGo Box is a Monthly subscription box for children on the go. Each month, we send out a box full of hand selected games, toys, and activities that are perfect for children ages 3-5. All items are chosen for their educational and developmental qualities as well as portability. 

What are Birthday Boxes?
    I had numerous requests to start a Birthday themed box for parents to give to their children or family members as gifts. Each box include various games, activities, and snacks as well as a personalized Birthday Crown that they can color and wear for their special day. Our Birthday boxes are our only boxes in which you can specify a gender. All other ReadySetGo Boxes are perfect for boys and girls. Our Birthday boxes are suitable for ages 3-6 years. 

One more thing before you go.  I know you want to order a BIRTHDAY BOX for kids you know and love.  Brian (the creator) has made a special code for you to get 20% off a birthday box!!!  Yes, just head to the site and order.  Use the following code:  JUMPINBEANS20


  1. I'll have to check this out. Isaak's birthday is coming up in May.

  2. What a fun idea. We just had three birthday for little ones in a row, but my grandbaby is coming up soon!


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