Walking for my mama #CancerSurvivor

As some know... and some may just be learning...
My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.
While it was 100 % something we did not want to hear, we were thankful / blessed that it was caught when it was.  She was able to start chemo (and she rang that bell back in October!)  After a very short break, she started radiation (and again... SHE RANG THAT BELL back in January.)
All of her family and friends are so very proud of her!!!! 
So - she rang the BELL and now we walk to tell the TALE.
She is a CANCER SURVIVOR!!!!!!!! 

If you would like to join our team or donate...
Here is the link:

Thanks in advance!  


  1. I love that she is a survivor. That is the best ending for the story!

  2. Mama Pelicano, you're on my heart 😘

  3. What a difficult journey. My brother-in-law's mom had it as well. She shows up to most of our family gatherings because their family is so small. She's also had problems with her type one diabetes. It's so hard. I'm sorry for your family!

  4. I hope she's going to get through this COVID-19 free! Such a scary time, especially for those with pre-existing conditions.


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