W/W - much appreciated...

Okay yall...
I have GREAT news!
Marc will be heading home soon...
Nope, I can not tell you when or anything, but soon...

They will do a convoy bringing them home...
The bus and then family behind them.
So, I would like your help...

I need to have my car decorated for the convoy...
What should I do?
How should I do it?

Some people with the cricut are cutting out letters on vinyl and sticking it on the car...
Well, I do not have a cricut, so next...

Should I use window paint pens?
What should I say/draw?

Any advice?
I would love it!

Time is starting to go SO SLOW now..............


  1. SO exciting!!

    I am no decorator, but my guess is that whatever you do will be fantastic and appreciated. :)

  2. wooo Whooo! So exciting Red white blue Welcome home!!Don't forget the streamers and flags

  3. Were you at the 24/7 webcast Tues night? Had to be you!! :) I'm "jesusfreak"!! Fun. So proud of your Husband's job!! He is a hero!!


  4. Oh Noelle, YAY!!!!

    Flags would be awesome. Maybe one of those huge bows people put on cars as gifts? Like in yellow or red/white/blue.


    I am so happy for you and your family!

  5. I bet you can find red, white, and blue items at a party store.

  6. I don't have any decorating ideas, either, but wow, what great news that Marc will be home soon!

  7. What fabulous news!!

    I say hang pictures.. maybe this one? With a banner.

    Paint pens are also a good choice.

  8. Great picture. I'm not sure about the decorating either - but wanted to wish you well & congrats. That's awesome.

    Happy WW :)

  9. Great news! A welcome home sign can't hurt!

  10. That is awesome Marc will be home soon. Great news. Happy WW!

  11. Flags would be cool, and the window paint in red, white and blue maybe. Happy St. Patty's Day!

  12. I am so excited for you guys! That is the best news:) Stickfigurestickers.com makes custom stickers for your car. That is an option?? I have a coupon code on my site for $2.50 off your order. I agree with everyone else though he will just be happy to be home no matter what you do. CONGRATS to all of you:)

  13. Oh, Noelle, I am SO happy for you, I am in tears!! I think the red, white and blue idea with the window paint is great and of course at least one flag is a must.
    But I know Marc won't care one bit what the car looks like... all he'll want to see is you and Broxton!

  14. My SIL would know this. She is the military wife.

  15. I forgot to say you are beautiful and your son is just adorable!

  16. Guess forget my last question on when you get to see him....we were allowed to know and tell other people the date of arrival for our guys! the time will go fast; you will be getting everything done to get ready for him to be home!!! Trust me!


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