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My friend Melissa over at Frugal Creativity is hosting AN AWESOME BLOG PARTY!!!

Welcome to Retro Runway, the blog party where you can show off, laugh at, or groan over the styles that we used to wear. Share your photos, stories, or both ... whatever you like ... and link up here!

Here are the rules:
Link up to your party post, not your blog's main page.
Include a link to this post or include the party button (below) in your post. Or, even better, grab the Blog Hop code below and add it to your post.
It's a party! Visit other participants and have fun!

Crimped hair!
You know you did it...
I just do not know where any pictures of me are! BUT, get this... My crimper is at my moms house! Scary part is that they moved to the current house like 10 years ago... WHY DID IT SURVIVE THE MOVE?! COME ON!!!!

Or - What about the air brushed t-shirts you got at Spring Break?! Yes, I had several of them!!!
Or- Maybe the t-shirt clips you wore to the side? Remember those?

Two Words - Hypercolor Tshirts!

Slap Bracelets -

I could go on and on...
but I need to watch The Great Pumpkin!!!
Go link up, this is fun!!!!

ALL IMAGES WERE TAKEN OFF OF different search engines.


  1. I'd forgotten about crimped hair until I saw a picture of it online this week! I never tried it, but I sure remember it!

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. Oh dear God, you are so young! lol

  3. LOL! OMG! I so used to crimp my hair all the time! LOL These are too funny, talk about memory lane! :-)

    Thanks for all my awesome comments! I love when you stop by! Yes I actually cut my girl's hair to save $$. :-)

    Have a great evening!

  4. Oh so funny - I totally forgot about crimped hair!! My friends crimped their hair, but I never did - just never had a crimper or the right haircut I guess.

  5. I was thinking the same thing as BlueViolet... you are SO young! The only thing I know about is the crimped hair... I used to try and get it like that by sleeping in wet small braids.
    I don't have any photos of myself, but I'm going to try and find something in an old scrapbook.

  6. I never did crimp my hair but I do remember the T-shirt ties lol It is so much fun to go back and look at some of the things we used to do.

  7. Wow!! I tried crimping my hair but I couldn't get it as nice as yours. Yes, I mean that. Thinking of me back then I would have thought it was cool:) I totally forgot about the t-shirt ties and the slap bracelets!! Not that I had those. Wearing the t-shirts likes that would show off my bum;)


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