The Step-Tween Survival Guide - Book Review

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The Step-Tween Survival Guide by Lisa Cohn and Debbie Glasser, PH.D. is just the type of book that I was trying to tell you that Free Spirit Publishing publishes.
I originally got it with the thought to give it to my stepsons, but once reading it....
I feel that this is more for a new step-family.

With that in mind, I want to tell you about this...
and then one lucky reader will win it for themselves!!!

The one thing I really did like in this is that there are 11 Chapters and with each chapter is a quiz. No, not a typical quiz to see if you were really paying attention, but a quiz to see what you would do if you were in the same situation. Speaking of situations...
It also has several sections that help to tell you what might work better, in the situation at hand.
Besides being a basic book that is text-book like, this one is broken down so that you can read as much, or as little, as you want at a time. They even put some sections in teal colored blocks, you know... a break in the basic black and white type!!!

I will tell you one thing that I had to point out to Marc...
There was a section in there are "I- Messages"
I really liked it and I think it will work for everyone... (not just step families, but all people)
Instead of having a discussion that starts with "You do blah blah blah... "
Change it to " I feel that when you do blah blah blah... "
That is getting your message out, but not automatically putting the blame on the other person.

This book has several great chapters, such as learning to deal with all the different feelings that a stepchild might have to the different rules that might occur. It even helps with steps to make your "new home" feel like "YOUR home."

Another key plus for me?
It has several sections written by kids ... This is a book for kids, from kids that have been in the same situation! (No, not the whole book... just sections "Stepkids Speak Out.")

They even include "Survival Tips" (hence the name!)
One survival tip I liked?
Talk with an adult you trust. You have plenty of emotions right now, talk and let it out... It is good for you... and just might make things better! :)

Last thing...
Besides all the other great features, they even include paragraphs called "Stepping Closer" that help you to get closer with your new family... Such as playing a sport with everyone... It does not involve lots of conversation, but you depend on your partner to help win the game... Play a game of basketball and have your stepbrother on your team versus your parent and stepparent...

This really is a good book to help with the transitions of being in a "step family."

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  1. My cousin would appreciate this book!


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