365 Updated - FINALLY

Wow, I had no clue that I was slacking THAT MUCH with my 365.
Wow, no update since Feb 6th?
Well, that is now over and behind us.
I posted lots of pictures...
Broxton and of course, more Broxton!!!
Head on over if you want...
Would love for you to see our 365 page


  1. I love the shot where he is holding the leaf.

  2. I love how he just pulled a chair up to the fridge to play with his magnetic letters! I also like the one where his feet are tucked underneath him. So cute!

  3. I can't wait to see them, I'll head over later.
    I totally gave up since I was in the hospital and everything went to heck around here.
    Can't wait to see all those photos of my little buddy!


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