Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels Review

I was recently contacted to see if I wanted to review Kim and Scott's Gourmet Pretzel line.
Knowing that we like to snack... and that the boys will be coming soon...
That means LOTS of snacking.
I love pretzels...
I prefer the nice, soft, fresh and yummy ones from the mall food court.
Marc and Broxton will eat any and all kinds.

I had NO CLUE that the delicious soft baked ones can be found in the freezer section at Target, Wal-Mart and a few other stores...
What makes it even better?
They are not just the plain ones...
They are yummy stuffed ones.

I guess they knew how much we like to snack because they sent us several different ones to try.
I quickly opened up the Spinach and Feta stuffed one.

I asked Marc what he wanted and he immediately wanted to try the Pizza stuffed one.
(I kind of knew that was going to be his choice!)

I was not a fan of the Jalapeño Cheddar one, as I am not one that likes ANYTHING with spice.
Although it is barely noticeable, it is noticeable enough to me...
Of course, Marc thought I was crazy, as it was not spicy at all to him.
Go figure.

Top it off, they have more than just these delicious snacks!
You can even get them to satisfy that sweet tooth!
You read that right... Chocolate Crumb or Apple Cinnamon.

You know what I will be buying next?
The Sourdough Parmesan...
Tell me, doesn't it just sound
Also, the Egg and Cheese!
The Egg and Cheese would be great for a quick breakfast on the go.
So much better tasting than a quick breakfast bar!!!!
Head on over to Kim and Scott's Site to see what all varieties they carry...

What is really cool to me is that they are all Made from Scratch and Twisted By Hand!
(Of course, my outstanding cooking skills LOVES that you just throw it in the microwave, but lets not get carried away here... I would hate for Marc to realize how simple it is! Ha ha ha!)

Now, Marc thought that they should have been stuffed more...
He wanted them oozing with the stuffed goodness.
I thought they were stuffed enough for snacking on the go.
I mean, if you are looking for a quick snack that is easy to take while running out the door...
This is it!
If you are looking for more of a stuffed to the point of explosion, this is not going to satisfy you.
I did notice that they are more "stuffed" at the middle cross section of the pretzel.
The flavoring is there throughout the whole thing, but the actual stuffing is more centered.
I would like to see the Pizza flavor eventually added to include pepperoni or sausage versus just the sauce and cheese.
But this is coming from a household that always orders SUPREME when getting Pizza.

I am also thinking that we need to branch out from just their pretzels.
If they are that good, I can only imagine the stuffed bagels!
Now, maybe it is just me...
But, I love a bagel with cream cheese on it...
I can skip all of that and just get one of their CREAM CHEESE STUFFED BAGELS!
You know I love companies that give back, so please head on over to see who Kim and Scott are helping out through their Pretzels With A Purpose.

Please, head on over to your freezer section and check them out, unless you already have!
They are even carried at Barnes and Noble!
Makes me wish we had one closer to us!

(Go to their website and get a coupon HERE)

Follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER


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