Shake Hands With a Hero

I just saw this on a blog I follow and I immediately had to share with you all...
Kroger has over 300 employees that are actively serving.
They have teamed up with Procter & Gamble, as well as the USO in the Shake Hands With A Hero Program.
It is super easy and I hope you do it!!!!
Just head over to Shake Hands With a Hero.
Then, Enter your Name, City and State.
After that, choose the branch you would like to honor.
(I of course chose the Army National Guard for Marc.)
Then, you send a virtual handshake to them.
I had to tweet it and share on facebook...
Well, I did not HAVE to, I wanted to! :)
They give you that option at the end!

You can even post a message on their wall...
I would love it if you did it...
Let me know if you do!!!

I am so glad I found out about this and am able to share with you!!!


  1. This is very cool! We don't have any of the Kroger family of stores here, but I could still participate by choosing "Other" as my store. I chose Army because that's where my brother-in-law served.

    Thanks for sharing this! I tweeted it (from the original site) to spread the word, too.

  2. Such a neat idea, went ahead and did it :)

  3. I love that idea! I can see why you're a proud wife. You should be!

  4. Thanks for the info... you KNOW I'm going to do this - also for the Army - because I do anything that I can to help support our troops!


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