The Five Ways We Grieve - Book Review

Dealing with Death is never easy.
Actually, it hits each and every single one of us differently.
As it hits us all differently, that also means that we all grieve differently.
Each person has their own time for healing and grieving.
Susan A. Berger has tried to explain The Five Ways We Grieve in her book that is now available at Amazon.
I have been trying to read it, but at this time...
I just can not do it.
I have the boys here and we are enjoying the summer.
It is not the time for me to try and read this book, although I know that it seems like a great way to help deal.

I have skimmed over it and I think it is full of lots of great information, but I think it is also (in my case) a read for whenever I am faced WITH death, not before...
Does that make sense?

Just looking through the book, there are several key points that I want to address.
First of all, there are "The Four Pillars of Identity."
It is with this that "shape the world-view that survivors adopt after their loss and contribute significantly to the new identity and sense of meaning that they develop."

Susan also touches on the symptoms of acute grieving; feelings/physical sensations/cognition and behaviors.
Through her book, she shares stories that to me seem to show that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings.

The key points in this book, is when Berger shares with us the five grieving types:

  • Nomads: Those who have not yet resolved their grief in a way that allows them to move on with their life and form a satisfying new identity.
  • Memorialists: Their main goal is to honor their loved one by creating physical objects or rituals that honor the deceased.
  • Normalizers: They work to recreate the kind of life they lost or wished they’d had.
  • Activists: They focus on helping other people who are dealing with the same disease or issues that caused their loved one’s death.
  • Seekers: They experience loss as a catalyst for philosophical exploration into the meaning of life.

    I think that this is a book with lots of references that are great for those that are grieving.Not only does Susan explain things, she also includes several organizations and websites that are great resources!

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