Who knew an insurance convention could be so crazy?

Ed Helms cracks me up!
I know, I know...
His movies are not for everyone, but I have to admit...
I laugh.

The movies are a bit raunchy and the humor is not for everyone...
But for those that like that kind of stuff...
He did it again!
Cedar Rapids!
Add John C. Reilly to the mix and you know what you are getting!

I will say, the funny parts are in the previews...
That being said, you know they are coming.

The movie started off slow for me...
I guess it is to be expected, being that it is about Insurance Salesmen at a conference.
I don't personally know any insurance salesmen... and I have never been to a conference, so who am I to really judge?

This has Tim Lippe going to the conference to represent his company.
(The guy that was supposed to go died.)
Well, Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) goes and wow...
He is Mr. Straight and Narrow!
I do not think he has ever left his hometown before that trip.
It is so funny watching him calling his "pre-fiance" to check in and have her calm him down.

The best part of the whole movie?
When Tim Lippe went to the party with the hooker...
Ha ha!!!!
Just watch and see what happens!!!

I think it is funny, but it isn't as funny as I was hoping for.
I guess it was hyped up so much, that I was expecting more.
(I really HATE when that happens!)
If you are a fan of Ed Helms...
You will love this!!!!

But, remember I warned you...

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