I have been crying my eyes out! ER Season 15 Review

I used to watch E.R. ALL THE TIME!
I loved watching and seeing all the drama unfold!
I was in love with all of the characters!
Anthony Edwards! George Clooney! Eric La Salle! Noah Wyle!

Once I started college, I did not watch as much as I used to, but I would watch from time to time!
Then, I moved to Atlanta, once again...
When I had the time, I would watch, but I was not always home.
Between work, school and trying to be social, staying home to watch TV was not always on the top of my to do list!
Now, I know that when I heard that it was going to be the SERIES FINALE on TV, I tried to make it a point to watch it.
Did I?
Because of work!
I really wanted to... but I had to work that night and did not get the chance to see it end.

Through the years I have laughed and cried with ER, so I knew that this final season was not going to be one to disappoint.
That alone was why I was SO EXCITED to have the chance to review it on DVD!
I have not finished the season yet, but I tell you...
With each episode I watch, my heart hurts!
:) I know, I know...
It is just a TV show, but still..
These stories that they tell, it might have happened to someone and guess what? I could happen to someone if it hasn't yet!

Just a preview of how the season goes:

With the VERY first episode of Season 15, I cried like a baby!
My heart hurt for the entire set of characters!
I had all of the boys watch it with me (just the first episode, then they went back to the Wii)
They were quick to say that it was a very emotional show, if they only knew!!!!!

So, if you are an ER fan, or just a fan of shows like this...
I HIGHLY recommend getting season 15 !!!!

As I said, I have not finished the DVD yet, but I wanted to let you know...
It is a great one so far...
I admit, I wish I could watch them all back to back, I need to know how they finished it!!!

I do like how George Clooney started the show off and they had John Stamos to end it! :)

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