Games you might want to think about...

I do not know how much you "game" at your house...
But we are thankful for the Wii when the boys are here...
They take turns playing it in their room and it leaves the other TV available for the rest of the family...

I just wanted to share a few new game releases that might be a hit at your house this year...
(I for one am VERY excited about the ZUMBA one!)

First Up:

Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures
Launching September 13 for the Nintendo DS, Camping Mama sets players off on an island camping adventure with Mama, Papa and their two children…navigate the wilderness, live off the land and master your survival skills to thrive in the great outdoors!

Features of Camping Mama include:
• Based on the best-selling Cooking Mama franchise that has sold more than 8 and a half million units in North America alone, Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures allows players to explore the camp site and island as they play a mix of stylus-based cooking, crafting, treasure hunting, and action mini-games in the signature Mama format.
• Play through 38 levels with 100 brand new mini games as Mama’s son or daughter with either Mama or Papa on hand to provide guidance.
• Participate in activities including rock climbing, swinging on jungle vines, spelunking, rowing a boat, tree climbing, and more.
• Use items in mini-games to survive in the woods - craft a fishing pole to fish, sharpen knives and axes with stones you’ve collected, make a fire to cook shellfish you’ve caught, cook the eggs collected from captured chickens to eat, set up your camping tent to sleep in, construct a net to catch butterflies, and much more!
• Experience nature in a variety of settings, such as the Forest, Mountains, and Seas in day, night, snow, and more!
• Find treasure that you can use in further adventures, or even to decorate your camp.
• Collect insects, fish, treasure, and more, and then survey your collection in your scrap book. Aim to find everything!
• Perfect mini games you’ve unlocked in Challenge Mode.

Second Game:
Reel Em In - Classic Slots

This title is now available for preorder exclusively from the Phantom EFX online digital storefront. Reel ‘em In includes 20 of WMS’ most well-known and beloved slot titles, including the original Reel ‘em In Classic that started it all!

Reel ‘em In will be released sometime in the next month for $19.99 on Phantom’s digital storefront and at major retailers nationwide as well as several digital distribution outlets in the coming months. Some of the slots featured in Reel ‘em In include:

• Brazilian Beauty
• Silk Kimono
• Ring Quest
• Wild Waves
• 9 Suns
• Reel Em In Classic
• Double Wild & Loose
Rakin It In
• Jungle Wild
• Enchanted Kingdom
• One WMS Mystery Slot…

Also, for those of you that Love Facebook:
They now have:
( I love this show and have been tempted to give it a look, but I do not want to be sucked in.. YET!)

Based on the hit A&E series, this innovative online game is set to surpass the run-away success of the original Parking Wars game on Facebook.

An all-new season of “Parking Wars” will air on A&E this winter.

“We know our fans will love the addictive and fun Parking Wars 2 experience and are thrilled to be able to offer our advertisers a new and very engaging medium to reach our shared consumer. We are excited to partner with Majesco on this brand new social game,” said Kris Soumas, Head of Games, A+E Networks Digital Media. Added Jesse Sutton, CEO Majesco Entertainment, “As an upcoming addition to our growing social games portfolio, Parking Wars 2further demonstrates our strategic focus to create unique online experiences that leverage the quality of incredible network programming.”

Parking Wars 2 offers Facebook players of all ages the chance to build an impressive fleet of vehicles and then park them illegally across the world. Players can purchase almost every kind of imaginable vehicle (from motorcycles to monster trucks) and building storefronts (from taco stands to banks), but ticketing is the real fun. The longer players keep cars parked on their friends’ streets – legally or illegally – the more money they’ll earn, but be careful…. The parking signs change frequently and your friends are waiting to steal your cash with another parking violation. Additionally, players can buy a host of other items and car accessories like tires, gas, air fresheners, car wax, bricks and much more.

Parking Wars 2 is now open for everyone on Facebook to enjoy. For more information on the game, please visit here.

* I was not compensated in any way by posting this... I am just trying to get started thinking of great gift idea's and thought this might help some of you out...


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